Thursday, 29 November 2012

When is parking on yellow zigzags outside school ok?


The answer of course is that it isn't!.

However it appears that some school coach companies in Sleaford and area consider that the laws laid down to your "ordinary" motorists don't apply to them!

I had a very short but intense chat with some bloke who was making notes on a clipboard outside my sons school today. At first i thought he was taking the 2 vehicle registartions down in order to tackle the problem, but soon found out he actually worked for the bus company and was simply carrying out some sort of check.

After establishing this fact I enquired as to why the double decker and the transit mini bus drivers thought that parking in close proximity to the schools gates, on a corner and more importantly on yellow zigzags, was acceptable practice?

The answer "we have permission" without any further qualification of that statement did not convince me of his concern, and when i asked who would carry the can in the event of an injury/death of a child, strangely there was no answer forthcoming....Mmmmm!

I have just Googled the question relating to parking of school vehicles on the zigzags and this is what the local (North Kesteven) website says:

School Keep Clear’ ‘Zig-Zag’ markings (£70 fine)
Stopping on zig-zag markings outside school entrances is inconsiderate and potentially dangerous. Keeping the road clear outside schools gives children a clear view in both directions before crossing. The restrictions are displayed on nearby signs and will be enforced

This is their webpage:

I wonder what the guy will say tomorrow when i advise him of his misconception?


" Parking on the zig-zag area can mean those using the crossing cannot be seen clearly by approaching cars and the cars cannot see them. “We have been up at the school at peak times to remind motorists not to park there but anyone who ignores these markings from now on will be dealt with.” Motorists who are caught parking in the marked crossing area could face a £70 fine and three points on their licence. PCSO Nixon added: “We have been into the schools to talk to pupils and letters have been sent home to remind parents why the road markings are there.”

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Typical BBC event. Roll call of mention of " common people's" efforts!


Children in Need raises £26.7m

Ahhh. As per usual the BEEB has patted itself on the back about the one good thing they haven"t ballsed up this year.

Children in need is a great event and is a great way to raise money to help kids.....but why do all the reports of efforts to fund raise always focus mainly on the celebrities?

Why does some multi millionaire singer get more praise and thanks than Mr Smith down the road who has spent all week in a bath of beans, or Mrs Brown who at 85 has made hundreds of knitted toys to sell and raise funds. The " common" folk who contribute without consideration about promting their latest film or new song, don't ever get enough recognition for their efforts.....if you don't believe me just read the report ( link above) by the BBC about the event and "spot the non celeb" fundraiser!......Mmmmmm!

In a year when the BBC has managed to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence payers hard earned cash compensating a Director General who did under 60 days work in the post before throwing in the towel when things got difficult ( i thought the reason people got paid vast salaries is because they are of a " high calibre"?....apparently not!) to the tune of £450'000.Then. After NOT airing a Newsnight programme about Jimmy Saviles dirty life, they try to be too quick with the next programme and, without getting their facts right, they wrongly accuse a Peer of being a paedo!......which then costs the poor old licence fee payer another £185'000 quid!

By the way....i wonder how much the ex DG of the beed donated? Nothing in the report about that is there :-/.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Trainee Robin Hood Alert!

Well actually it is my son attending his weekly archery class...but gotta think big :-)

Bring our troops back from this futile folly.

Withdraw UK troops now - Ashdown

I agree with Paddy Ashdown entirely. Bring our dedicated,professional and brave men and women back from this futile mission. Too many now have lost their lives in the persuit of a vague and out of reach goal.

Bring 'em back NOW!..

Wednesday, 14 November 2012, SCAM (sadly!)

"If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky fellows to benefit from us. On behalf of myself and family, i am happy to inform you that i and my wife Gillian have chosen you to be one of our beneficiaries on our Euro Millions Jackpot win of 148Million (One hundred and Forty Eight Million Pounds) that held just last August....."


shame...was going to accept a grand to get the Scirocco back on the road then donate the rest to LLR!

Oh well :-)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A thief by any other name....

Ex-MP Moran falsely claimed £53k

Dear Mrs Moran.

I work hard in the NHS. I have one home for myself,my wife and our 3 kids.I Live on a basic income, pay my taxes and stay within the law.
My boiler is broken so i have no heating and the radiator leaks in the living room. I don't have the money to get the problems sorted but i don't become a thief to get them repaired!

I am also on anti dont try to play the "mental health card"

Bloody bent MP's make me sick!

Fuel prices in Sleaford being debated on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Just listening to the comments being made about the over inflated price of fuel in Sleaford compared to the surrounding towns and villages.

I remember midway through the year filling up with Diesel at a JET petrol station in Grantham at a cost of £129.9 per litre whilst the cost in Sleaford was approx £136.9...a differential of 7 pence!.

Fuel costs in Sleaford have always been higher than the surrounding area since i have lived there.

Anyway, i now run my trusty 17 year old VW Golf on a mixture of diesel and veg oil....brings the average cost of fuel down to around £1.10 :-)

**Heads Up!
3 Ltrs of ASDA Veg oil is currently at £2.70...thats 90p a litre......will be popping along to my local branch soon to check out a few litres ;-)

at 0.90p for oil and £1.38 for diesel in a 50/50 mix it would make the average cost per litre only £1.14!....Nice :-)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Could you donate Stem Cells to Anthony Nolan? It's FREE :-)

Preganant? considering starting a family? Have you considered donating your umbilical cord blood to Anthony Nolan?

You could help save a life :-)

Please follow this link:

The service is FREE and would utilise the life saving properties of tissue which would normally be disposed of after your babies birth......something for nothing..and then some!