Monday, 21 December 2015

Geoff Brocklebank. A tribute from a friend....Me........

It was with much sadness that i learned of the passing of my good friend and fellow Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research fund raiser Geoff Brocklebank .

I first met Geoff shortly after my own diagnosis of Chronic Lympocytic  Leukaemia (CLL) in late 2006. He offered me a lot of reassurance and constructive advice at a time when , to be brutally honest, i felt that my life was effectively over.

I spoke many times to Geoff about my own situation, and even more times about my ideas to raise money for various charities , including Leukaemia Research, as it was known at that time.

I remember him telling me that I was "More likely to die with CLL than due to it".....a short but powerful sentence that gave me hope and courage to fight this illness and to try to help others to do the same.

We spent many hours over the years discussing various topics, thoughts and ideas over copious amounts of Tea and Coffee , often accompanied by a slice or 2 of cake made by Trish his wonderful and generous wife.

Geoff and Trish lost their Daughter to Leukaemia in the early 80's, and at that point they pledged to dedicate their time and effort into raising money and being part of Leukaemia Research .....which they did for many, many years, in fact Geoff's "other Identity" as the town Crier for Sleaford was yet another method of fundraising as he gave his fee's to the charity....something that many did not know.

I can't share with you the content of every conversation i had with this lovely chap, but if you watch the video below of him accepting his Sleafordian of the year (2015) award only a few months before his passing, you will get an idea of what a courageous and eloquent man Geoff was. And I think that his comments in it about how you can get even with a disease say a great deal about his tenacity and spirit.

Don't get mad...get even.

RIP Geoff. Top fella , you will be greatly missed my friend.