Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Tallow Candle. By Hans Chritian Anderesen.

HERE was once a big wax-candle which knew its own importance quite well. “I am born of wax and moulded in a shape,” it said “I give better light and burn longer than other candles my place is in a chandelier or on a silver candlestick!” “That must be a lovely existence!” said the tallow-candle. “I am only made of tallow, but I comfort myself with the thought that it is always a little better than being a farthing dip: that is only dipped twice, and I am dipped eight times to get my proper thickness. I am content! it is certainly finer and more fortunate to be born of wax instead of tallow, but one does not settle one’s own place in this world. You are placed in the big room in the glass chandelier, I remain in the kitchen, but that is also a good place; from there the whole house gets its food.” “But there is something which is more important than food,” said the wax-candle. “Society! to see it shine, and to shine oneself! There is a ball this evening, and soon I and all my family will be fetched.” Scarcely was the word spoken, when all the wax-candles were fetched, but the tallow-candle also went with them. The lady herself took it in her dainty hand, and carried it out to the kitchen: a little boy stood there with a basket, which was filled with potatoes; two or three apples also found their way there. The good lady gave all this to the poor boy. “There is a candle for you as well, my little friend,” said she. “Your mother sits and works till late in the night; she can use it!” The little daughter of the house stood close by, and when she heard the words “late in the night,” she said with great delight, “I also shall stay up till late in the night! We shall have a ball, and I shall wear My big red sash!;” How her face shone! that was with joy! No wax-candle can shine like two childish eyes! “That is a blessing to see,” thought the tallow-candle; “I shall never forget it, and I shall certainly never see it again.” And so it was laid in the basket, under the lid, and the boy went away with it. “Where shall I go now?” thought the candle; “I shall go to poor people, and perhaps not even get a brass candlestick, while the wax-candle sits in silver and sees all the grand people. How lovely it must be to shine for the grand people! but it was my lot to be tallow and not way!” And so the candle came to poor people, a widow with three children, in a little, low room, right opposite the rich house. “God bless the good lady for her gifts,” said the mother, “what a lovely candle that is! it can burn till late in the night.” And then the candle was lighted. “Fut, foi,” it said, “what a horrid-smelling match that was she lighted me with! the wax-candle over in the rich house would not have such treatment offered to it.” There also the candles were lighted: they shone, out across the street; the carriages rolled up with the elegant ball-guests and the music played. “Now they begin across there,” the tallow-candle noticed, and thought of the beaming face of the rich little girl, more sparkling than all the wax-lights. “That sight I shall never see again!” Then the smallest of the children in the poor house, a little girl, came and took her brother and sister round the neck: she had something very important to tell them, and it must be whispered. “To-night we shall have just think!—To-night we shall have hot potatoes!” And her face shone with happiness: the tallow-candle shone right into it, and it saw a gladness, a happiness as great as over in the rich house, where the little girl said, “We shall have a ball to-night, and I shall wear my big red sash!” “It is just as much to get hot potatoes,” thought the candle. “Here there is just as much joy amongst the children.” And it sneezed at that; that is to say, it spattered; a tallow-candle can do no more. The table was laid, and the potatoes eaten. Oh, how good they tasted! it was a perfect feast, and each one got an apple besides, and the smallest child said the little verse: “Thou good God, I give thanks to Thee That Thou again bast nourished me. Amen!” “Was that not nicely said, Mother?” broke out the little one. “You must not ask that again,” said the mother; “you must think only of the good God who has fed you.” The little ones went to bed, got a kiss and fell asleep at once, and the mother sat and sewed late into the night to get the means of support for them and for herself. And over from the big house the lights shone and the music sounded. The stars shone over all the houses, over the rich and over the poor, equally clear and blessed. “This has really been a delightful evening!” thought the tallow-candle. “I wonder if the wax-candles had it any better in the silver candlestick? I would like to know that before I am burn burned out.” And it thought of the two happy ones, the one lighted by the wax-candle, and the other by the tallow-candle. Yes, that is the whole story!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

When is parking on yellow zigzags outside school ok?


The answer of course is that it isn't!.

However it appears that some school coach companies in Sleaford and area consider that the laws laid down to your "ordinary" motorists don't apply to them!

I had a very short but intense chat with some bloke who was making notes on a clipboard outside my sons school today. At first i thought he was taking the 2 vehicle registartions down in order to tackle the problem, but soon found out he actually worked for the bus company and was simply carrying out some sort of check.

After establishing this fact I enquired as to why the double decker and the transit mini bus drivers thought that parking in close proximity to the schools gates, on a corner and more importantly on yellow zigzags, was acceptable practice?

The answer "we have permission" without any further qualification of that statement did not convince me of his concern, and when i asked who would carry the can in the event of an injury/death of a child, strangely there was no answer forthcoming....Mmmmm!

I have just Googled the question relating to parking of school vehicles on the zigzags and this is what the local (North Kesteven) website says:

School Keep Clear’ ‘Zig-Zag’ markings (£70 fine)
Stopping on zig-zag markings outside school entrances is inconsiderate and potentially dangerous. Keeping the road clear outside schools gives children a clear view in both directions before crossing. The restrictions are displayed on nearby signs and will be enforced

This is their webpage:

I wonder what the guy will say tomorrow when i advise him of his misconception?


" Parking on the zig-zag area can mean those using the crossing cannot be seen clearly by approaching cars and the cars cannot see them. “We have been up at the school at peak times to remind motorists not to park there but anyone who ignores these markings from now on will be dealt with.” Motorists who are caught parking in the marked crossing area could face a £70 fine and three points on their licence. PCSO Nixon added: “We have been into the schools to talk to pupils and letters have been sent home to remind parents why the road markings are there.”

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Typical BBC event. Roll call of mention of " common people's" efforts!


Children in Need raises £26.7m

Ahhh. As per usual the BEEB has patted itself on the back about the one good thing they haven"t ballsed up this year.

Children in need is a great event and is a great way to raise money to help kids.....but why do all the reports of efforts to fund raise always focus mainly on the celebrities?

Why does some multi millionaire singer get more praise and thanks than Mr Smith down the road who has spent all week in a bath of beans, or Mrs Brown who at 85 has made hundreds of knitted toys to sell and raise funds. The " common" folk who contribute without consideration about promting their latest film or new song, don't ever get enough recognition for their efforts.....if you don't believe me just read the report ( link above) by the BBC about the event and "spot the non celeb" fundraiser!......Mmmmmm!

In a year when the BBC has managed to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence payers hard earned cash compensating a Director General who did under 60 days work in the post before throwing in the towel when things got difficult ( i thought the reason people got paid vast salaries is because they are of a " high calibre"?....apparently not!) to the tune of £450'000.Then. After NOT airing a Newsnight programme about Jimmy Saviles dirty life, they try to be too quick with the next programme and, without getting their facts right, they wrongly accuse a Peer of being a paedo!......which then costs the poor old licence fee payer another £185'000 quid!

By the way....i wonder how much the ex DG of the beed donated? Nothing in the report about that is there :-/.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Trainee Robin Hood Alert!

Well actually it is my son attending his weekly archery class...but gotta think big :-)

Bring our troops back from this futile folly.

Withdraw UK troops now - Ashdown

I agree with Paddy Ashdown entirely. Bring our dedicated,professional and brave men and women back from this futile mission. Too many now have lost their lives in the persuit of a vague and out of reach goal.

Bring 'em back NOW!..

Wednesday, 14 November 2012, SCAM (sadly!)

"If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky fellows to benefit from us. On behalf of myself and family, i am happy to inform you that i and my wife Gillian have chosen you to be one of our beneficiaries on our Euro Millions Jackpot win of 148Million (One hundred and Forty Eight Million Pounds) that held just last August....."


shame...was going to accept a grand to get the Scirocco back on the road then donate the rest to LLR!

Oh well :-)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A thief by any other name....

Ex-MP Moran falsely claimed £53k

Dear Mrs Moran.

I work hard in the NHS. I have one home for myself,my wife and our 3 kids.I Live on a basic income, pay my taxes and stay within the law.
My boiler is broken so i have no heating and the radiator leaks in the living room. I don't have the money to get the problems sorted but i don't become a thief to get them repaired!

I am also on anti dont try to play the "mental health card"

Bloody bent MP's make me sick!

Fuel prices in Sleaford being debated on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Just listening to the comments being made about the over inflated price of fuel in Sleaford compared to the surrounding towns and villages.

I remember midway through the year filling up with Diesel at a JET petrol station in Grantham at a cost of £129.9 per litre whilst the cost in Sleaford was approx £136.9...a differential of 7 pence!.

Fuel costs in Sleaford have always been higher than the surrounding area since i have lived there.

Anyway, i now run my trusty 17 year old VW Golf on a mixture of diesel and veg oil....brings the average cost of fuel down to around £1.10 :-)

**Heads Up!
3 Ltrs of ASDA Veg oil is currently at £2.70...thats 90p a litre......will be popping along to my local branch soon to check out a few litres ;-)

at 0.90p for oil and £1.38 for diesel in a 50/50 mix it would make the average cost per litre only £1.14!....Nice :-)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Could you donate Stem Cells to Anthony Nolan? It's FREE :-)

Preganant? considering starting a family? Have you considered donating your umbilical cord blood to Anthony Nolan?

You could help save a life :-)

Please follow this link:

The service is FREE and would utilise the life saving properties of tissue which would normally be disposed of after your babies birth......something for nothing..and then some!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Leukaemia could be treated with blasts of plasma

Scientists have found that cancer cells from leukaemia sufferers are killed when they are exposed to a type of matter known as cold plasma.
These streams of ionised gas, similar to the material found inside decorative plasma balls and plasma televisions, are thought to trigger the in built self destruct mechanism in the cancerous cells while healthy cells remain unscathed.
The researchers now believe it will be possible to develop a dialysis style treatment where the blood of leukaemia is patients is passed through plasma streams to destroy the cancer cells.
Professor Mounir Laroussi, director of the laser and plasma engineering institute at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, said: “Leukaemia is the most common childhood malignancy and accounts for approximately one out of three cancers in children
“Although there is a lot of fundamental scientific work that needs to be done, but one can imagine a machine similar to the one used for dialysis where the blood undergoes treatment by low temperature plasma.”
The researchers, whose work is published in the scientific journal Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics by the Institute of Physics, exposed the leukaemia cells to a four minute blast of plasma. The cells died around 12 hours after being treated.
Other scientists have previously proposed using streams of plasma to kill off viruses such as the common cold.
It is thought the cold plasma produces highly reactive molecules that interact with the cancer cells.
As the cancer cells take up more molecules from the blood than healthy cells, the researchers say they will be more effected by the plasma and will die.
The researchers now plan to do more work to see how healthy red and white blood cells are effected by the plasma to ensure it will not have any toxic effects if used as a treatment.
Professor Laroussi added: “Cancer cells multiply rapidly and therefore are much more likely to take up the reactive species (molecules) generated by the plasma.
“Our next steps are treating healthy cells and comparing them to the effects on cancerous cells. “

Sunday, 28 October 2012

RIP Donnall Thomas.A true Champion in the fight to beat Leukaemia


DR DONNALL Thomas, who showed it was possible to transplant bone marrow to save the lives of patients dying from leukaemia and other blood disorders — a discovery that earned him a Nobel prize — has died in Seattle. He was 92.

Read more:

RIP Donnall. Many people owe you their life....sadly in this world dominated by celebrity...not many know it!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lord Bitchard. What a knob!


I have recently read this article which I found on the BBC News website....

Retired 'should work for pension'

What planet is this idiot living on? At a time when the pension age is being raised up to 67 this plank wants to  "force" (by way of cutting pensions if you refuse) pensioners to get involved in charitable work.
I do not disapprove of charity work (obviously!), but forcing the elderly into doing it by way of the threat of reducing their pensions is rather a brutal approach.

What wonderful idea will you have next Lord Bichard? Connecting all of the UK crematoriums up to the national grid so that you can squeeze the last drop of "contribution" out of their poor broken bodies before he allows them to rest in peace?

That was a joke by the way!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Stand up to Cancer. S^2C,SUTC,SU2C...a good idea however you write (type?) it :-)


Just watching channel 4's stand up to cancer show, and it is brilliant :-).

It is so nice to see a program specifically raising funds for cancer research.

Come on folks.....give a few quid and let's help to beat this disease once and for all :-)

Hope they manage to raise some serious cash this evening.

Brilliant stuff. Well done channel 4 :-)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Andrew Mitchell. You really don't get it do you?

Tory MPs offer Mitchell backing

Dear Mr Mitchell. Just to clarify the problem the public are having relating to the run in you had with the police.

There are 2 options available:

1) You did call the officer a pleb but are not man enough to admit it ( and you are a liar).

2)The police officers made false entries in their pocket books and are therefore themselves perverting justice with lies.

So Mr Mitchell...which is it?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Was going to sell to Music Magpie, but reviews don't look too good!

I was considering sending some of our old DVD's,CD's and games to the Music Magpie company which advertises on the TV.

Seems a lot of folk are not happy with the number of "damaged" items which MM refuse to pay for...but then sell on under the name "zoverstock"

Sadly, after reading a lot of very damning reviews on the internet i think i will be dropping mine around to the local charity shop instead!

Considering using this company? Read the reviews HERE

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bone marrow appeal for Nottinghamshire leukaemia boy

The family of a nine-year-old boy who has raised thousands of pounds for charity are hoping a bone marrow appeal will help save his life.

Archie Andrews, of Nottinghamshire, has fought against leukaemia since he was three, and recently suffered a relapse.

He has helped with fundraising events for the Queen's Medical Centre child cancer ward in Nottingham

To read more about this story please follow this link:

Important note*

The Anthony Nolan Trust will now accept donors aged from 16 to 30 :-)

Want to save a life? Click HERE!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Rovio Bad Piggie will not work on Orange Monte Carlo!

Having just searched Google Play and found no mention of the new Rovio game "Bad Piggie" I searched the internet for another link. Having found the link and selected the game a message appears at the top of the screen telling me that the game is not compatible with my device! AAAGGGHHHH :-/

Not fair :-(

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wickes employees trek through Alaska and raise £35,000 for LLR


A team of 19 Wickes workers braved the wilderness of Alaska on an eight day trek, raising £35,695 and counting for partner charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

The team set off on Sunday, September 2, from the base of the Talkeetna Mountains, carrying 60lb packs for up to eight hours each day through the mountains, over glaciers and down rivers. They finally reached the finish point at Valdez two weeks later on September 16. 

On the toughest day of the trek, the climbers scaled the equivalent of Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis - no easy feat for those team members who had never climbed a hill before setting off, let alone mountains. 

Wickes chairman and Alaska Challenge team mate Jeremy Bird said: "The Alaska challenge was everything we hoped it would be; exciting, stretching, very tough at times but hugely rewarding for those that fought their way through wind, rain, snow, hail and sunshine - often all on the same day. 

"Every member of the team achieved something they had thought might have been beyond them, like climbing a snow capped mountain or walking with a 60lb pack up a five mile hill or simply living in the wilderness for a week without soap. But, without doubt, the best bit was checking our fundraising on our return and seeing how much we'd raised to help beat blood cancer." 

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research's chief executive Cathy Gilman said: "What the team have completed in such a tough environment is incredible. Since becoming our charity partners Wickes colleagues, customers and suppliers have consistently gone 'above and beyond' to help us beat blood cancers - and there's no better example of that than an effort like this. We're very grateful for all their support. 
"The valuable funds they are raising will help us find better treatments and cures for patients with blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma." 

CLL Support Association Link


Do you suffer from CLL? Click on the link below to visit the CLL Support Website :-)

Mistletoe injections save former England cricketer who is battling leukaemia

A former England cricket hero says he has beaten off an incurable form of leukaemia thanks to regular injections – of mistletoe.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Leukaemia Film "Now is Good" showing now

A girl dying of leukaemia compiles a "Bucket" list of things she'd like to do before passing away. Topping the list is her desire to lose her virginity.

Let me know what you think.

ACLT Bone Marrow and Organ Drive

Volunteers from the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust will be out on the streets of Leeds trying to recruit bone marrow, blood and organ donors. *Bone marrow and organ transplant matching is racially specific and charity raises awareness and recruits potential donors from all
ethnic backgrounds but particularly target the black, mixed race and Asian communities. The ACLT will be trying to register as many donors as possible in the hope that the Leeds and Yorkshire community will support
their efforts to save the lives of leukaemia and blood related cancer/disorder patients and those in need of a organ/s transplant.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Low Mill...High Spirits!. OR "Father and son Adventures in Yorkshire"!

Last weekend I attended an outward bound course in Yorkshire. I was accompanied on the adventure by Andy Ward Junior...or "mini me" as I like to call him!.

Why did we go on the course? Well it was organized by the Lincoln ADHD group, or  to be more precise by a lady by the name of Sharon O'dell  who runs this amazing and supportive charity. And we where attending the course because my 9 year old son Andrew, although yet to be formally diagnosed with ADHD or any other Autism Spectrum disorder, has suffered from behavioral problems for many years.

Seems a strange thing to say, but throughout the whole trip I had to keep reminding myself that the other 15 or so children, ranging in age from 6-7 years old to perhaps 17-19, also had issues around their behavior, because to be honest, they could have passed for the main part, as being what you would deem "normal" in every way...just a group of kids having a laugh with each other whilst engaging in a variety of pursuits including canoing,climbing,caving,archery and  Gorge walking......and having a brilliant time of it!.

Speaking to a few of the parents who, like myself, had come along to support their kids, you soon discovered many common threads amongst us relating to subjects concerning the constant battle to get a formal diagnosis for their child, receiving help in caring for them, battling school perceptions of their child's "problems" and, on a more practical note, trying to claim certain benefits which, it appears, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

The venue for the course was a converted water mill next to the village of Askrigg in the beautiful countyside of North Yorkshire. A very tidy, modestly equipped base for us to stay in between our many adventures!

Upon arrival at the centre we where directed to our room....ours was the largest which slept approx 14 and was named "The room of dangling doom"!
After making our beds (blankets,duvets ect....not with wood and was not THAT basic!) we all went upstairs to partake in sandwiches,cake and crisps before we moved into the games area at which point we had our arrival brief and an invitation to pop outside for a few activities. The activities consisted of Football, Rounders and Orienteering....we chose the latter!.

An early night saw most retire to their bunks by 10pm and we drifted off to sleep wondering perhaps what the following days would bring.....we would not be disappointed :-)

Saturday morning was our chance to go Canoing! On the picturesque Semer Water which was only a 10 minute minibus ride from the centre.
After getting "geared up" with wellies, waterproof jackets and the obligatory Oar(paddle?) we set off and, after unloading the canoes from the trailer we had a fantastic hours of fun which luckily did not involve me falling in to the lake :-)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Search for Lost Sock Monkey continues

On the 12th July 2012 we lost my wonderful mother to Ataxia. Before we lost her we lost her brilliant sock monkey simply named "Sock Monkey"!.

It was lost in or around ward 35 at Kings Mill Hospital (Sutton-in-Ashfield), en-route (via patient transport ambulance) to Rose Lodge Care Home, or possibly in Rose Lodge (although the brilliant staff did carry out a "monkey hunt" for us!).

I cannot begin to explain what the return of the Sock Monkey would mean to was mums favourite cuddly toy during her last few months of life, and we where extremely saddened when we lost it...more so when we lost her :-(.

If you do happen to see this strange yet lovely little chap/chapesse, could you please let me know? I would be more than happy to pay a reward for it :-)

Many thanks in advance. Andy

Friday, 27 July 2012

Discovery Of Key Function Of Protein For Obtaining Blood Stem Cells As Source For Transplants


Researchers from IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute) have deciphered the function executed by a protein called β-catenin in generating blood tissue stem cells. These cells, also called haematopoietic, are used as a source for transplants that form part of the therapies to fight different types of leukaemia. The results obtained will open the doors to produce these stem cells in the laboratory and, thus, improve the quality and quantity of these surgical procedures. This will let patients with no compatible donors be able to benefit from this discovery in the future.
The study, executed jointly with the Erasmus Medical Center Stem Cell of Rotterdam and published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, analysed a chain of molecular reactions that are produced inside some embryonic cells and that play a role in the creation of a haematopoietic stem cells. 'Our study contributes to deciphering the code that makes a precursor cell that is only found in the embryo become a haematopoietic stem cell. In order for that to happen, the β-catenin protein must be activated for a while and with a specific dosage' explains Dr Anna Bigas, head of the IMIM Stem Cells & Cancer Group and lead researcher.

This protein also plays a fundamental role in the cells that originate and maintain some types of leukaemia. 'The parallelisms between normal and leukaemia stem cells prove to us that the molecular pathways that regulate both populations are the same. For this reason, our work will help us understand the origin of these diseases', argues Dr Bigas.

In addition to embryonic stem cells, each of our body's organs has another type of stem cell that has the capacity to regenerate all the cells for the tissue in question. However, they are only formed in the embryonic stage and are maintained for the rest of our lives. Haematopoietic stem cells are part of the blood and, when they are transplanted, they are the inception for all of this tissue's cells.

At present, transplanting these cells is dependent on the availability of compatible donors. Nonetheless, there is still a high percentage of patients with no donors and that, therefore, cannot be submitted to this procedure. The results of this article lay the foundations so that, in the future, these patients can benefit from a source of laboratory-generated haematopoietic stem cells created from compatible embryonic cells or other types of expressly transformed cells.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jill Elaine Ward (Nee Nash), Mansfield Woodhouse,Notts

If you have found this page then it could be that you have googled my mothers name.

Sadly I lost my wonderful mum just over a week ago after she lost her valiant fight with the Ataxia which eroded her life away little by little over the last 7 years of her life.

I intend to write something here as a fitting tribute to the most amazing,caring and genuine person I have ever (and may ever!) have the privilage of meeting. Until then I have simply posted a few pictures and this poem that i wrote which tries (but entirely fails) to sum her up :-)

The mum I still knew

It was sometimes hard to see you mum, the mum I used to know
You’d lie there quietly on your bed did you notice as I’d come and go?

I often feared it was not you, that all you were had gone
But when I thought a little more I knew that I was wrong

Those eyes that gazed into my own the day my life began
That loving gaze was always there from little child to man

Those arms I see once carried me and tucked me in at night
Those lips once kissed me as I slept and made my pain alright

Those hands once held mine o’ so tight and kept me safe and sound
Those legs that worked so very hard when you carried me around

Those ears that heard my very first word and listened to my fears
The heart that kept me locked within in our passing years

And oh that smile that lovely smile you always loved to share
and being such a giving soul you always had one free to spare.

And so I see it is you mum and you’d not gone away
And even now as we have to part you’ll still be with me every day

Rest in peace mum, your memory will live on eternally in our hearts.

Jill Ward (nee Nash). 14th March 1944 - 12th July 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

G4S Nick Buckles under pressure of Olympic Cockup


You have to laugh don"t you. A company that in previous years was known as Group 4 Securicor, but changed it's name in an effort to hide a large amount of bad publicity due to it's amusing habit of " loosing" prisoners it was transporting, has now managed the ultimate in cockups.....screwing up the security arrangements for the 2012 Olympic Games!
Still, Mr Buckles will be able to smile no doubt as it appears his £830'000 salary is still safe!
I wonder if they will change their name again after this world class balls up?...but what on earth can you shorten G4S to? How about COAPIAB!...."Cant organize a pissup in a brewery" services?
Wonder what all the squaddies think of Mr Buckles efforts......being as many of them will be working as underpaid security guards for him when they loose their jobs soon in the next round of defense cuts!


Go figure!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Today i lost my wonderful mother.......:-(

I have had the privilage of knowing an amzing,kind, gentle and warm lady for thr last 46 years of my mum :-)

As I type this I know now that she passed away in a care home in Mansfield. We all watched helplessly as she slowly slipped away from us over the last few days...and now her battle is over it hurts a lot as only the loss of a parent can

Mum (Jill) was diagnosed with Dementia about 7 years ago at the relatively young age of 61. The last 7 years we have had to watch her disappear right in front of our eyes.

Sometimes the symptoms remained relatively unchanged for a long period of time.....other times it seemed that a new "challenge" would present itself almost on a weekly basis....but always, father was there to love,care and support her...even though it was sometimes a very hard and upsetting labour of pure unconditional love.....I cannot put into words how proud i am of the way my dad took care of has been a very humbling and insiring thing to witness for my sister and I......we have been so blessed to have had such amazing parents who both,in their own way showed such courage..but also showed us the true meaning of that word "love".

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

RR856 - The burden of occupational cancer in Great Britain - Leukaemia


A new study into the connection between occupations and the link with various forms of Leukaemia has been published by the HSE.

HSE About HSE HSE's work Science, engineering and research Resources Research report series Research reports 801-900 RR856 - The burden of occupational cancer in Great Britain - Leukaemia RR856 - The burden of occupational cancer in Great Britain - Leukaemia

The aim of this project was to produce an updated estimate of the current burden of cancer for Great Britain resulting from occupational exposure to carcinogenic agents or exposure circumstances. The primary measure of the burden of cancer was the attributable fraction (AF) being the proportion of cases that would not have occurred in the absence of exposure; and the AF was used to estimate the number of attributable deaths and registrations. The study involved obtaining data on the risk of the cancer due to the exposure of interest, taking into account confounding factors and overlapping exposures, as well as the proportion of the target population exposed over the relevant exposure period. Only carcinogenic agents, or exposure circumstances, classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as definite (Group 1) or probable (Group 2A) human carcinogens were considered. Here, we present estimates for leukaemia that have been derived using incidence data for calendar year 2004, and mortality data for calendar year 2005.

The estimated total (male and female) AF, deaths and registrations for leukaemia related to overall occupational exposure is 0.74% (95% Confidence Interval (CI)= 0-3.86), which equates to 23 (95%CI= 5-120) attributable deaths and 38 (95%CI= 8-198) attributable registrations.

This report and the work it describes were funded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Its contents, including any opinions and/or conclusions expressed, are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect HSE policy.

Full report [1]

Assistance in the use of Adobe Acrobat PDF files is available on our FAQs[2] page

Monday, 18 June 2012

Could your child's milk tooth save them from leukaemia ?

Is your child about to lose their milk tooth? Instead of throwing it away, you can now opt to use it to harvest stem cells in a dental stem cell bank for future use in the face of serious ailments. Now that's a tooth fairy story coming to life!.

Dental stem cell banking is fast gaining popularity as a more viable option over umbilical cord blood banking.Stem cell therapy involves a kind of intervention strategy in which healthy, new cells are introduced into a damaged tissue to treat a disease or an injury.
"The umbilical cord is a good source for blood-related cells, or hemaotopoietic cells, which can be used for blood-related diseases, like leukaemia (blood cancer). Having said that, blood-related disorders constitute only four percent of all diseases," Shailesh Gadre, founder and managing director of the company Stemade Biotech, said.

Read more: Your Child's Milk Tooth Can Save Her From Leukaemia

Monday, 11 June 2012

Annual Blood Test Today...


Yes its that time again when i have my annual blood test and a chat with Tim my consultant.
Apart from feeling a little more tired than usual i cant say as i feel any worse ( or better!) than normal.
Anyway  fingers crossed that my demon is still dormant!. :-).

Friday, 8 June 2012

Before you buy a Skoda read this.

My 2006 (56) Skoda Roomster 1.9 tdi (5 and a half years old with 49000 miles) has just been to the garage that supplied it new in October 2006 due to having warning lights on the dash and i have been told i have to possibly pay £1100 for a new engine wiring loom which has failed due to water ingress!.
Correct me if i am being a little naive but except for me having driven the car into a river/lake or having been involved in some sort of flooding disaster....should  a car really suffer such an expensive failure at such a young age?

Skoda....Simply don't give a shit!

"Would you recommend Skoda to a friend?".....No....because i would like to keep them!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Parents of RAF man Nigel who died of Leukaemia hit by £30'000 tax bill

As a 46 year old an Ex RAF Rigger currently living with Leukaemia (which i suspect may have possibly been triggered by exposure to dangerous materials during my service), this story, please excuse the pun, "makes my blood boil"!
THE family of an RAF man who died after contracting leukaemia while serving in the Gulf War are calling for changes to legislation which forced them to hand over more than £30,000 in taxes after his death.
Delyn MP David Hanson raised the case of Sgt Nigel Thomas (L tech AD), who served with the RAF from 1980 to 2004, in a House of Commons debate on Tuesday.
Sgt Thomas, whose parents, Mr and Mrs Davies, live in Mold, was exposed to radiation after an accident while he was serving in Cyprus during the Gulf War in the early 1990s.
Nigel, who was awarded the Gulf Medal for his service during the war, was diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia in 1992 and, after suffering from the illness for 18 years, died in 2010 aged 46.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Hanson said funeral costs had been met by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency but when the family had applied for exemption of inheritance tax, which is usually granted to members of the forces who have died due to injuries or diseases contracted during active service, they were refused.
He said: “As a result of that decision, that letter meant the family were liable for an inheritance tax bill of £33,011. This includes, incidentally, £9.22 interest for late payment.
“The sticking point seems to be that the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency has determined that ‘his condition was not sustained by service of a war-like nature’.”
Mr Hanson added: “It is beyond dispute that Mr Thomas died of a condition contracted while serving his country at the time of the Gulf War. I would ask the minister to look at this legislation once again, so that other families do not fall foul of this legislation.
“We should be doing everything we can to support families who have lost a loved one as a result of their active service, protecting our shores.”
Armed Forces Minister Andrew Robathan said he would look again at both the case of Sgt Thomas and the relevant law, and pledged to ‘go the extra mile’ for the family.
He accepted Sgt Thomas was operating in a role in support of Gulf War operations, but said: “From his service record, however, it is evident that during that time he did not undertake deployed service in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Iraq, or come into direct contact with Iraqi forces.
“As such, my officials were unable to recommend that his estate be considered for exemption from inheritance tax, as the criteria defined under section 154 of the Act had not been met.”
may I take this opportunity to pass on my condolences to Nigel's parents.
Bloody tax office. Money grabbers with no damn soul!. Inheritance tax is an insult to anyone not just Nigel's parents. You work your backside off during your life time whilst other "parasites" spend their entire working lives living off of handouts...then you get a final bill for your's a disgrace to hard working people!

What causes Leukaemia?

Here is a link to an article about possible causes of Leukaemia.


Prognosis For Patients With CLL May Be Predicted By New Biomarker'


Researchers at the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine have shown that G protein-coupled receptor expression may predict the prognosis of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Their findings may identify new ways to treat such patients. The UCSD researchers, led by Paul A. Insel, M.D., Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine, present their findings at Experimental Biology 2012.

A clinical problem for many diseases, including chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) the most common form of leukemia in adults, is the lack of tests or biomarkers that can predict its prognosis. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 16,060 new cases of CLL and nearly 4,580 deaths from CLL will occur in 2012. CLL is characterized by an increased accumulation of certain types of malignant while blood cells in the blood stream and is classified as two types: aggressive, which requires immediate treatment; or indolent, which is slow growing and does not require treatment.

Certain tests exist to help predict which type of CLL a patient may have, but the availability and usefulness of such tests are limited. Using white blood cells obtained from patients with indolent or aggressive CLL as well as from healthy individuals, the researchers identified a number of specific G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) that are uniquely expressed in patients with two different forms of the disease.

GPCRs are a large family of protein receptors that sense molecules outside of cells and alter pathways and responses within cells. "The expression of particular GPCRs is disease stage-specific, and thus this profile, or perhaps individual GPCRs, are potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for CLL," said Insel. "GPCRs are attractive targets since they are expressed on the cell surface and vary in their expression in different tissues."

The researchers found that the expression of one GPCR, the vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor 1 (VIPR1), increased more than 700-fold in aggressive CLL compared to its expression in patients with indolent CLL. In addition, treating the leukemic cells with VIP, which activates VIPR1, induced their death.

"We find that the expression of specific GPCRs appears to a play a role in prognosis of CLL," said Dr. Insel. "Thus, such GPCRs may also provide new ways to treat the disease, since they reflect part of its underlying biology and pathology. We are undertaking other studies to determine if particular patterns of GPCR expression and perhaps that of uniquely expressed GPCRs characterize other cancers and other diseases."


CT scans on children could increase risk of Cancer.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Girl " self diagnosed" Leukaemia.

A teenage girl who thought she was just lazy has overcome leukaemia after recognising her lethargic symptoms in a character in a Cameron Diaz film.

Alex Cooper, 17, was stunned after she noticed she was suffering the same symptoms as a character dying from cancer while watching the film 'My Sister's Keeper'.

The film is about a young girl who is brought into the world to be a genetic match for her older sister, who suffers from acute promyelocytic leukaemia.

Alex had been suffering fatigue, numerous headaches, her stomach had swollen and she noticed bruises appearing all over her body.

She had originally put her symptoms down to being a "lazy teenager" and didn't tell anyone because she was worried about "making a fuss".

But thanks to the information in the film the academically-gifted teenager, who is aiming to study at Cambridge, finally realised she needed to see a specialist.

Alex, of Bredgar, Kent, went to see her GP in October 2010 and was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) three days later and immediately began a gruelling course of chemotherapy.

Medics have now told Alex she is in remission after two years of taking powerful chemotherapy drug Dasatinib - and her condition is now manageable.

But amazingly, Alex yesterday admitted she may never have caught the cancer in time if she hadn't sat down to watch the movie.

Alex said: "It was one of those surreal moments in life.

"I was watching the film and all of a sudden I realised I had the same symptoms.

"It was terrifying at first but I started to rationalise it and thought - I can't really be suffering from cancer.

"But I eventually went to my doctor and he sent for blood test straight away.

"When I was first told about the cancer I was in shock I thought it was the end.

"I just thought I am going to lose all my hair and just keep getting more and more ill.

"I suppose if it wasn't for the film I may not have got my diagnosis in time.

"When you watch something on screen it makes everything much more real.

"I guess I am just really lucky to have watched it.

"However, I can't bring myself to see it again it is too upsetting - I have hidden it under my bed."

Alex sat down to watch the film to enjoy a "girly evening" on her own.

Three weeks later she went to see her GP who instantly spotted the warning signs and sent her for blood tests.

Medics found she had a white blood cell count of 490,000 while the average is just 4,000 and immediately diagnosed her with Leukaemia.

But she was told her chances of survival were much higher, thanks to spotting it early.

Left untreated her health would have rapidly deteriorated and she could have died in less than a year.

Only 600 people a year are diagnosed with CML and it is extremely rare in teenagers and children - particularly in girls.

It causes an unusual amount of a white blood cell call granulocyte to form in the blood and over time the cells collect in the spleen causing it to enlarge.

They then form in the bone marrow reducing the number of normal white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets that are made.

Alex, who lives with her dad Ben, 41, a carpenter, step mum Em, 39, a freelance photographer and younger brother Toby, six, is currently in her first year of A-levels studying English, Maths, Art and Psychology.

She plans to go onto University and continue in her loving relationship with boyfriend Zac Evans, 18, who she has been dating for a year and a half.

Alex added: "I just try to get on with my life -there is no point on dwelling on the cancer or wallowing in pity.

"I can now go out with my friends and do the things a normal teenager does.

"My boyfriend is great, we don't really talk about it but I know if I ever needed to he would be there for me.

"I just hope to live a normal life and look forward to the future."

Alex has joined forces with pal Nancy Devine, 14, who also suffers from cancer and the pair are fundraising for the Royal Marsden Hospital,

Sarah Jacobs Leukaemia Scam

"Dear Beloved,Greetings; I am Mrs. Sarah Jacobs a widow, suffering from long time cancer of the blood (Leukaemia) According to my doctor my condition is critical and I might not survive it. Presently I was admitted here in the Hospital were I am taken treatment, Meanwhile I inherited from my late husband the sum of ($2.8 Million Dollars) my late Husband desire when he was alive is to use the fund for the Work of God, and right now I am in a very critical condition and might not survive it, I also did not have any child that will inherit the fund, and that is why I have come in contact with you.Please if in your heart you genuinely and faithfully desire-to use this fund for the propagation of God work in any form whether for charity, ministry evangelical work, building a Clinic, Church or Mosque, schools, orphanage home and drilling of water for local community, helping widows and les-privileges, then contact me back as my health condition could not allow me to do it myself.I am taking this decision because I did not have any child that will inherit the fund in case anything happen to me during my up-coming operation as being prescribed by my Doctor, so it is an open door for you to assist me accomplish this to the glory of God, I shall look forward to hear from you with sincerity and of good faith.Yours faithfully,Mrs. Sarah J.W. Jacobs."

There is a special extra nasty dark place set aside in Hell for the people who post this sick cynical filth.

Anyway, this email is a scam. Only email the sender if you know what you are doing, if you do start baiting the scam remember to use Gmail to mask your IP address.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Natasha Vraets (Al Karim) your sister in christ scam


Yes, yet another sick human being who not only tries to scam you but tells you she is a God fearing cancer suffering Christian!.

Anyway, thought you may want a heads up on this sad individual !.

content of SCAM Email:

I am Mrs. Natasha Vraets a widow suffering from long time illness (Cancer), I have some funds I inherited from my late loving husband Mr. Yusuf Nasri Al Karim, the sum of $9.5 USD Million which he deposited in bank here and I need a very honest and God fearing person that can use these funds for God's work, and 15% out of the total funds will be for your compensation for doing this work of God.

I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money. I don't want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. That is why I am taking this decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going.

I found your email address from the internet and decide to contact you. Please if you would be able to use this fund for God’s work kindly reply me with this

Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Natasha Vraets"

I Like the passage "I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going."...So do we love...and it will be warm and give you a bloody god suntan!.

Mrs Vraets (God knows your real name :-) ) you are one sick puppy......


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Des ready to make his marathon debut for Leukaemia Charities


A SLEAFORD man will be joining thousands of athletes and joggers from across the globe for one of the world’s most famous road races.
Des McCauley will be taking on the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday, April 22nd to raise money for a Leukaemia charity, a cause close to his heart.
While Des has always been a fit and healthy person, playing for Sleaford Town FC for 16 years and working as a PE teacher before becoming a prison officer, this will be his first marathon.
To read the full story click HERE to visit the Sleaford Standard Web Page.
To Sponsor Des Click HERE.
Good Luck Des :-)