Saturday, 20 August 2011

Red arrows pilot lost in Bournemouth airshow crash

Latest reports regarding the Red Arrows crash at Bournemouth Airshow say that the pilot is believed to have perished when his Hawk aircraft hit the ground due to unknown circumstances.

I hope the reports are wrong but looking at the BBC footage it seems there was very little time for him to eject.....but we really hope and pray that he did.


Sadly it has now been confirmed that the body of Flt Lt. Jon Egging (Red 4), known to his colleagues as "Eggman", was found by locals from the village of Throop in the river Stour shortly after the crash.
This was the first fatal crash involving the Red Arrows for 33 years since March 1978 when a Folland gnat was lost along with its pilot. Jon was 33...

Condolencies to his family and friends at this difficult time.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Genetically Modified 'Serial Killer' T-Cells Obliterate Tumors in Leukemia Patients


ScienceDaily (Aug. 11, 2011) — In a cancer treatment breakthrough 20 years in the making, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Center and Perelman School of Medicine have shown sustained remissions of up to a year among a small group of advanced chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients treated with genetically engineered versions of their own T cells. The protocol, which involves removing patients' cells and modifying them in Penn's vaccine production facility, then infusing the new cells back into the patient's body following chemotherapy, provides a tumor-attack roadmap for the treatment of other cancers including those of the lung and ovaries and myeloma and melanoma.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Scottish university reveals new drug to combat leukaemia and it's found in.. Irn-Bru !


THOUSANDS of cancer patients could be cured by a lifesaving new drug - linked to Irn-Bru.

The drug is a form of quinine - a bitter flavouring found in the fizzy pop and tonic water - which is used to treat malaria.

Scottish doctors working on a cure for a common leukaemia have discovered it kills the most stubborn cancer cells, and believe a cure is now close.

You just could not make this sort of story up !. Lets hope it is as effective as they think against Leukaemia. I hope it doesn't give patients a glowing orange tan as a side effect.....although it would save some a fortune at tanning salons!

I really love Irn-Bru :-)

To read the full story click HERE.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Scirocco Register National Meet 30th July 2011


A very nice video made by my good friend and co-driver Glen Place....

Great weekend people. Same again in 2012? :-)


Monday, 1 August 2011

Taking care of children afflicted with leukaemia in India


Husain, a boy hardly of eight years, was asked to be taken away from the Indo-American Cancer Hospital when he began to have seizures. For, his parents could not afford the expensive treatment for his Leukaemia.

The boy was taken to Gandhi Hospital from where he was referred to the MNJ Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Centre. Here, the treatment is absolutely free and efforts are on to put him on the track of recovery.

Lakshman Reddy, a 14-year-old tribal boy from Khammam, was brought to NIMS by the ITDA officials, where he was diagnosed with Leukaemia and referred to MNJ Institute. An orphan, he is now recovering in the Paediatric Oncology Ward, and is known for his erratic behaviour. He smokes, throws tantrums and occasionally refuses to take food and medicines.

To read the full report click HERE to view the HINDU website.


Scirocco Register another great success, and a nice surprise for me!


Yet another great owners club meeting at RAF Cosford was enjoyed by a record number of Scirocco lovers this weekend and a fantastic time was had by all.

The good news for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research was that after a quickly organised raffle to win a laptop was arranged the generous folk of the Scirocco Register donated a grand total of £115 (including straight donations). Fantastic :-)

Acording to my good friend Glen Place the total number of Scirocco's attending the event went up from 53.5 last year to 55.5 in 2011 (The .5 is of course Scarlett's Trailer!).

In conclusion then it was a weekend of Brilliant weather, brilliant cars, an excellent (if slightly basic!) campsite,fantastic venue and wonderful friendly Scirocco friends.........Amazing :-)