Saturday, 30 May 2015

Microsoft Computer Support Scammers ALERT !!

I got a call from a spoof "Computer support" line at 08:15 this morning. THE EXACT same call as the one in this video below, except that it was a lady (loose term).

The number (probably false) came up on the phone as 02199474577.I did record a little of the conversation which i have saved. I let her rattle on a few minutes before i told her to get stuffed and hung up smile emoticon

PLEASE SHARE this information. These people try to charge between £85 and £150 to "Fix" your "Faulty" computer....they do not! IT IS NOT BROKEN! The instructions regarding pressing keys CAUSES THE ERROR MESSAGES!!

Stay safe. Share and enlighten to stop these scumbags ripping off people :-/

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13 months later. and STILL no settlement for the accident !!

So. It appears that AVIVA have decided to continue this ongoing  farce in trying to defend the HGV driver that ran into the rear of me and wrote off my beloved Scirocco last April!

After providing diagrams, statements, photographs and even video's of the crash scene i still have to wait for ANY evidence to be submitted in the others drivers defence......yet they are seemingly prepared to go as far as at least agreeing to go to court in their attempts to "out wait" me ,perhaps hoping that i will fold at some point and accept their claim that I was somehow 50% responsible for their clients apparent inability to judge distances and control his 40 tons of wheeled destruction on that fateful day!


Go to Hell! Stop wasting my time and court time in your pathetic time wasting efforts. You WILL lose, and if /when we do go to court i will relish in the chance to show how you have made something out of nothing and made yourselves look stupid and incompetent by your actions.