Monday, 25 July 2011

Mother who beat leukaemia to have three children now faces terminal breast cancer and won't see them grow up


When Cathryn Wyllie battled leukaemia at the age of 14, she was told she would never be a mother.

Against all the odds she fell pregnant and gave birth to three children, Bonnie, nine, Caul, three and Beau, 11 months old.

But when she was pregnant with her youngest child she discovered a lump in her breast - and doctors have recently diagnosed her with terminal breast cancer.......................

To read the full story click HERE.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

£161,000,000 euro millions winners are is in Ayrshire


What would I have done with £161 million quid?

Honestly? ..................Well....................

Once I had regained consciousness from the shock I would draw up a list of deserving causes in the world. They would get a lump sum of £1 million quid each to help with their work.

I would obviously ensure that all of my friends and family had the burden of any debt removed from their a little bit of cash to have some fun :-)

I would set up foundation to award money to individuals who can be bothered to give up their time to assist charities. I found that there are few organisations established that reward individuals for their selfless efforts in helping others...that would change.

I would make a very public statement to the press of my intentions to donate a large amount of my new found fortune to help do good in this unfair world.......and hopefully shame the other 429 people above me in the UK rich list to do the same! The rich should stop being so bloody tight with their cash and use it to make this world a better place for lets put an end to opulent purchases such as diamond encrusted watches and other selfish bling and put more Kudos on giving to those who need it!

I would buy my hospital several hundred new electric patient beds to replace the old knackered ones that I still have to fix on a daily basis :-)

I would buy a brand new Scirocco...but still keep Scarlett for those special occasions! :-)

Anyway, best wishes to Colin and Chris Weir on their astonishing win and could I just make a suggestion as to one way they would like to spend some of the cash? How about them investing in a new film about the life and achievements of Shirley Nolan the founder of the Anthony Nolan Trust. Word has it that investors are being sort to allow this story to be told on the big screen.Chris being an ex nurse would perhaps appreciate the human side of the story and Colin, being an ex TV cameraman, may enjoy getting involved in the filming perhaps.....just a thought :-)



Monday, 4 July 2011

Air Ambulance Service Clothing Collection Scam


If you get a flyer through your door from the Air Ambulance Service DO NOT PUT OUT ANYTHING!. It is a scam that gives the impression that the collection is for an Air Ambulance Charity......IT IS NOT!

If you have received one of these flyers please get in touch and let me know. Better still if you manage to get pictures of the people who are involved with this scam or the vehicle that they use, let me have a copy and I will post it on this blog for all to see.

Better still...fill your bin bags with all the crap you have overflowing from your wheelie bin, wrap it in some old rags (in case they have a quick look inside!) then leave it and enjoy watching them snatch it away in the belief that it holds a few quids worth of decent clothing...NOT :-).

I hate scumbags that pertain to be working for the good of many when in fact they are simply lining there own greedy pockets.

The website does not exist.

The mobile number 07577940492 comes back as number not available.

Please tell others about this sick scam and don't let these people convert your clothing into beer money!.

To read the story on the BBC website click HERE or to read another story about the same SCAM in Macclesfield click HERE


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

Volkswagen Scirocco Mk2 Parts and tools stolen in Yorkshire


If you are offered or indeed hear of anyone trying to sell the parts listed in the link below, please contact me with details of the individuals description, reg number of any vehicles or other info so that a suitable meeting can be arranged to have a "chat" with the culprits....:-)

The parts have been taken from a workshop in Harrogate North Yorkshire.

Items taken include.......

Halfords tools
Ultimax Brake discs and Green stuff pads
FK suspension coilover kits
Full Scirocco Engine and Gearbox

Please, be vigilant and report any sightings.....we will do the rest.

To see the post on the owners club website click HERE