Monday, 30 June 2008

Hopping for joy!

This weekend, we attended the VW Expo in Kent. Andy and his two daughters Rachel and Lauren made the 3 hour trip down from Sleaford to Kent in Scarlett the night before to enable us to fit the car with some shiny new alloys before the show. We enjoyed a nice friendly BBQ and a few beers outside in the sunshine before heading off to bed ready for the Sunday.

What a show it was too! Aside from discovering the wheels didnt fit properly without spacers and shearing a screw holding the brake disc in place, the journey to the event was uneventful! Once there, we set up a fairly decent looking club stand for the Register and put Scarlett in pride of place - right at the front with a nice display along side.

We had quite a bit of interest and raised a bit of money in our collection buckets, as well as aquiring a few goodies from the AA and a possible article in one of the VW magazines. Andy got the horn.... an air horn for the car of course, and to top it all off we won the best club stand trophy too! What a weekend.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Atten...shun !.Cpl Nauyokas joins S2M !

Alright you 'orrible lot stand at ease !.

Now then, anyone who has not been residing on the planet Mars for the last few years MUST have heard of the smash hit TV series "Lads Army"in which a bunch of "Bad lads" are put through 1950's style National Service training, and one of the luvvly fella's that they meet during their several week stay in the Army equivalent of Butlins, is Cpl "Nooky" Nauyokas, your friendly Drill Instructor who makes Foghorn Leghorn seem tame when it comes to screeching out orders to the hapless recruits !

Nooky will be joining our stand on Sunday to "encourage"(!), people to dig deep and donate some wonga to our charities so if you fancy getting an autograph or having your picture taken with him make sure you are there...of course a small donation to one of our charities would be a nice gesture...or you can hit the deck and give him 10...and that's if you get off lightly :-).

Monday, 23 June 2008

It just goes to show.....

Looks like Andy had a great time at GTi International last weekend, and this weekend we hope to be attending the VW Expo in Paddock Wood, Kent. With our plans to attend the airshow as well the following weekend, its shaping up to be a busy few weeks!! Im really looking forward to plugging the event though and hopefully the waether will be a bit more hospitable than it was at GTi......

We are hoping to get some more much needed publicity from these shows and maybe even get the event covered by local press at the VW Expo. It will also give us the opportunity to film both ourselves and the car in the same place at the same time for the first time since the car and trailer were prepared for the challenge.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

GTI International 2008.....Good old British Summertime !

After receiving our complimentary VIP tickets on Friday I was really looking forward to our drive down to Bruntingthorpe (Home of the last Flying Vulcan), and so at 05.35on Saturday morning I was up bright (?) and early ready for the short hop from Lincolnshire to Leicestershire and the promise of a luvvly day sunning in the ...err..sun ! Of course we are now bang in the middle of the British summertime, so the daydream of the sunny day and lashings of Ginger beer and cucumber sandwiches soon evaporated when I ventured outside and was met by a depressing damp day (DDD !).Damn :-(. Anyway, after loading up the last few items into the car/trailer (drinks,food,camera...daughter !), we set f at approx 07.40 and let my friend Yoda (AKA TomTom Satav) point us in the right direction. At around 08.34 we received the news from Yoda "At your destination you have arrived"...great !...except for the fact that the dizzy sod had directed us into the far end of the aerodrome, and so we found ourselves in some sort of industrial park !. After back tracking to the main road again we aimlessly drove around the small winding roads until we spotted a long procession of Golf GTI's and the likes, and decided to hedge our bets that they would be making their way to our intended luck had it we were correct in our assumption. It rained for most of the day, but we had the occasional spot of sun and overcast Sky's to allow us to have a few bimbles around the show, and even though the weather was far from perfect, we had a great time. Congratulations to all those that have been organising this event for the last 21 years (the same age as our car !), and special thanks to Neil Birkett,editor of Volkswagen Driver who came to our aid first with the tickets for the event, and again when we got lost on site and almost ended up on the 1/4 mile strip...mmmm, would have been nice to see what the old girl could do though :-). A few short video's of the day:

More to follow...when i have time ! :-)

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Waddington tickets arrived today...yippee !

On Saturday morning the postie brought me an envelope containing our tickets that allow us access to display the car in the Vintage/classic car area of the event.
Now i am not sure that our trusty steed could really be classed in either of these categories...but what the hell, as long as we can get into the show and raise money for the Air Ambulance who cares.Besides, they haven't got an area set aside for "Awesome and eyecatching" vehicles, so the area we have been allocated to will just have to do i suppose :-)....shame that the rest of the exhibits will be overlooked !.

Monday, 2 June 2008

GTI International here we come !

Just a quick note ('cos it's lunchtime and i have had 10 mins more than I should already !).We have now had confirmation that we will be receiving VIP tickets to this years GTI International event at Bruntingthorpe (Leicestershire) on the 21st and 22nd June.Hope to see some of you there, please do come along and say hello.....we won't bother you with a collection box......cos we are going to be asking people to stick cash in the trailer instead ! :-).