Saturday, 22 March 2008

The joys of fundraising :-)

So today (Saturday 22nd) it has been a typical British March day.So far we've had sunshine,rain,wind,blue skies and to cap it all...snow !.I took the kids out to participate in a local Easter egg hunt in Sleaford, we completed the course around the nature reserve in about 25 mins, braving the affore mentioned adverse conditions...i don't know about an Easter egg prize at the end, they should have got an SAS survival award :-).

Over the last couple of days myself and Glen have been trying to secure the collection of a car identical to our Scirocco 2 Morocco vehicle that has been offered to us free of charge by a guy in London.Unfortunately neither of us has access to a trailer, the car is not in a running state and the fella wants it gone by the end of the bank holiday !.Its a real shame that we can't get her up here, or even across to Glens pad as she would be a great source of spares for our project, oh well, you can't always sort everything i suppose.

"Scarlet" the S2M car is now being given some proper TLC at AW's in Sleaford, and along side her in the workshop is our "Half Roc" trailer (As yet unnamed).I spoke to Andy Walsh on Thursday night and he is aiming to get the car back to me by the 29th, and the trailer sometime a week or two later.

On Friday I phoned Lee (Custom Vinyl Graphics) to have a chat about plans for the production of our logo's, some T-Shirts and some car stickers, and discovered that moment he was in Sleaford with his family, and on the way to an indoor play area (for the benefit of his 2 boys, not himself...well thats what he told me !-).After finding this out I decided to pop down there with my 4 year old and have engage with Lee in an impromptue "business meeting" in the middle of a large room full of very loud screaming most meeting that i attend come to think of it !.

Changing Tack slightly can I just say a big thank you to a mate of mine at the hospital called Sean (the mate, not the hospital !).Sean has very kindly offered to loan me one of his cars for a week or so until I get the Scirocco back on the road.Cheers mate ! ;-).

Sponsorship wise trying to get any "big names" on board is proving a little more difficult than I first expected.So far we have had replies in the negative (or no reply at all !) with names such as, i will spare their blushes :-).Anyway all respond with similar explanations along the lines of having "designated charities" or the likes, and whilst i appreciate this may be relevant if i was asking a small local business, i don't really think that the request for a single mobile phone, a few gallons of liquid gold or a few quid to stick some logo's on the side of the car is going to break the backs of global "Blue chip" you ?

We are really hoping to take the car and trailer on their first fundraising outing at GTI Spring festival on the 19th April, and it is to this end that we really have to get things sorted asap.Once the car leaves the paintshop we will be driving her up to Lee to get the graphics fitted, then the towbar needs to be attatched and wired, the engine tuned and a good valet just for good measure.Looks like the next few weeks are going to be quite busy.......for a change !.

Oh, nearly forgot, if anyone knows of any worthy causes based in North Africa that would benefit from the deliver of items via our trailer (we hope to have a little spare space we can utilise for cargo), please get in touch and lets make an effort to try and use this trip to not only help people in the UK, but also those over in Morocco who have hardships that we will never understand, and lets try in some small way to make life a little easier for them :-).

You can call me on my mobile if you are able to help our event in any way, or if you have an idea for helping an North African based charity.Mobile: 07974935611.Andy

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