Friday, 29 August 2008

Joel has a donor !

As you may have read in one of my posts last week, Joel, a little lad from Farndon near Newark, was seriously ill and was appealing for people to come to a donor identification session organised by the Newark Advertiser newspaper, at Kelham Hall last Thursday. Well, it is my pleasure to be able to tell you that Ann, Joel's mum, sent me a text on Thursday evening (last night), to say that a donor had now been identified amongst those who attended the session. This is fantastic news, and just proves how having these sort of sessions can help people such as Joel to find that "special person" that they so desperately need.I think that perhaps he has plans to be the third member of the S2M team also, judging by the way he jumped into the car when I popped around to see him on Wednesday night after work !. He especially liked the "Dixie" hooter and the "half car" that is attached at the back :-).Thanks go to all of you out there who attended the session for gave up a little time for this young fella. All of you are special and caring people, and one of you may be Joel's "Special person" that he so desperately needed.Well done !

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