Monday, 13 October 2008

Oi!.What about the photographs and video ?

Ok.Just thought that I would mention that due to a technical problem (my kids broke the laptop...again!), The promised video,pictures of the trip are, as of today, still on Glens hardrive caddy thingy !, and until the very nice man from Dell comes over and sorts out the laptop that has now lovingly been christened "Triggers broom" due to it having (so far!) 2 new screens,3 motherboards,2 batteries,2 keyboards,2 power supplies and several bits of plastic case, I will not be able to do any serious editing and the likes. I bet Dell will see a sudden surge in their profit margins when my 9300 comes out of warranty in December :-).

Funny, but I seem to think of loads of things that I can post here on the blog during any day of the week.Then when I get around to actually putting finger to all goes terribly blank and I end up writing any old lard just to fill in the post!....see, just done it there ! :-)

Oh yes.Fundraising wise I have now got great pleasure in telling you that the £1500 target for Leukaemia Research has now been met (Hoorah!), and Glen is not too far behind with his collection for Macmillan currently pushing £1200. The Air Ambulance collection was always going to be a little lower due to it being a shared charity between myself and Glen, but even so, we have managed just over £400 with a further £100 being added shortly.That's enough for one mission I believe...and a sandwich each for the crew!.

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