Friday, 1 April 2011

UK 2011 Census Sparks DNA database alert


A few days after millions of UK households carefully completed the 2011 Census questionnaire claims are now being made by several UK groups that the details that we filled in on the form where not the only information that the government now holds about us. It appears that the final piece of data collected was in fact gathered when the member of the household who sealed the envelope licked the seal!.

According to claims made by Dr Loof Day of the UK liberty group LIRPA, the government has been secretly gathering DNA information from the minute amount of skin cells that are deposited on the envelope gum seal when an individual licks it.

Sounds like science fiction, but when you think it through it would seem to be a brilliant way to covertly gather the DNA samples of millions of Britons without anyone ever being aware of such details being acquired.


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