Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Don Johnson.Gambler and the £120'000 bottle of Champagne...


Hi Don. Well you sure showed everyone just how wealthy you are when you bought a huge bottle of Champagne for £120'000 and then proceeded to spray it over your adoring minions.

Funny thing is, just before I read the article about this amazing waste of money I had been reading another about 7 children who's parents are trying to raise £40'000 for each one so that they can go to America for surgery to allow them to walk.........funny old world eh Don?

Perhaps they too would have enjoyed being covered in mega expensive French plonk? Or perhaps you could have donated some of your cash to help them to be able to walk, run and play? Then again maybe walking is over rated...what the hell,you just go ahead and have a great life :-)

The full sad story can be read by clicking HERE.


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