Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas to all :-)


I have not been posting quite so often as I once did on the old S2M blog. These days I just don't seem to have the time to spend on it. I have considered closing it down as, after almost 4 years, it has served it's purpose to promote the trip that myself and Glen did back in 2008, and more recently to spread the word in relation to Leukaemia and Lymphoma news from around the world.

I am not sure that there will ever be an opportunity to undertake a Scirocco2Morocco2 (the sequel) in the future,that would depend a lot on my health, Glens health and the health of my bank balance (it's not a cheap undertaking!). Lets just say that I would love to have another go at getting Scarlett into Africa, just to be able to  close the book on that ambition :-).

Can I just now take a second to wish all of my readers a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year. Lets hope its a good one, without any fear......hang on.....was I just slipping into a John Lennon song?

Anyway folks, please keep sending your comments in to this blog, it's always nice to know that my ramblings get read at least a few times!.

Ho,ho ho......MERRY CHRISTMAS :-)



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