Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lord Bitchard. What a knob!


I have recently read this article which I found on the BBC News website....

Retired 'should work for pension'

What planet is this idiot living on? At a time when the pension age is being raised up to 67 this plank wants to  "force" (by way of cutting pensions if you refuse) pensioners to get involved in charitable work.
I do not disapprove of charity work (obviously!), but forcing the elderly into doing it by way of the threat of reducing their pensions is rather a brutal approach.

What wonderful idea will you have next Lord Bichard? Connecting all of the UK crematoriums up to the national grid so that you can squeeze the last drop of "contribution" out of their poor broken bodies before he allows them to rest in peace?

That was a joke by the way!

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