Friday, 4 January 2013

Overkill in prosecution to cover Olympic security failings

Bottle thrower 'wanted Bolt loss'

So this bloke gets into the Olympic stadium, sits with VIP,s and chucks a plastic bottle which does no damage, hurts no one and .....well thats it really!.Except of course he lobbed it in the direction of Usain Bolt at the begining of a race.

How much time,effort and most imprtantly CASH,is being wasted to persue a conviction in a crime where no real damage was ACTUALLY done?....Except of course to someones ego!

DNA testing a bottle, CCTV footage....can you imagine that happening if you reported to a local bobby that " some bloke threw a plastic bottle (which almost hit me) whilst i ran down the street!".

Ashley Gill-Webb was a dickhead to do such a dumb thing, but, forgetting all of the " what if's", did he actually do any real harm?
It is reported that he was having some sort of " mental crisis"...yet the prosecution are choosing to circumvent this point of defense by asking how he then " planned" to carry out his "attack"!

Interesting to note that many news reports about the incident choose to omit the fact it was a light plastic bottle....instead they leave the reader to assume it was glass and therefore would constitute a much greater hazard.

Strangely enough,Usain Bolt shrugged off the incident and indeed says he never heard Mr Gill-Webb's "screaming" of abuse ( No racist insults by the way...he's not a premiership footballer!).
So what possible good can come of spending loads of tax payers money persuing the conviction of a bloke who, apparently whilst suffering a mental illness,decided, for whatever reason, to lob a plastic bottle at someone ?

Answer: To save face for a failure in security....."The best form of defence is offence" :-)

To see a pattern emerging all you need do is take note of the police response to the old lady down the roads house being ransacked and burgled ( gets a visit or 2 and a crime number) ,to the level of investigation and resource that gets allocated when Mr and Mrs toffee nose- Smythe get their mega value paintings nicked from their mansion!

Oh yeah....i forgot. It's not the crime that matters, it's how important the " victims" are!.

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