Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scirocco Register National Meet.RAF Cosford 10th August 2013. See you there :-)

Hi Folks.

Well, after an eventful few weeks in which Scarlett has had to be fitted with a new radiator,battery and clutch cable (which was due to breakage and an eventful 21 mile drive home minus clutch facility!), we are now on the verge of attending the umpeenth Scirocco register meet at RAF Cosford (yaaaaaay!!)

Did not attend last year due to numerous obstacles and events, the worst of which was the passing of my lovely mum Jill after her valiant and inspirational 7 year fight against Ataxia (Dementia).Love ya mum :-)

This year, against a backdrop of numerous other setbacks and obstacles it looks like we may just make it to the gathering :-)

Tomorrow sees the car being valeted by Matt who has done me a very good deal for both car and trailer (saves my back and head...which i am always banging whilst hoovering the interior!).

Hopefully, (notice how positive my attitude is!) i will begin the drive down to the White pump farm campsite sometime after 2pm to meet up with many old, and some new friends.

I will post a report ...sorry, that sounds far to grand!...a roundup of the proceedings and post a few pictures to boot.

By the way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL! to my eldest daughter who will turn 19 whilst i am away at the meet on Saturday.

Watch this space :-)


Had a short but enjoyable National show and met many of my old Scirocco mad mates again...and a few new ones to boot :-)

Took the opportunity to do a little fund raising for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research on the day (it would be rude not to...especially when your car has their name on it!) and managed to collect a very respectable total of £132.75...brilliant !!

Thanks to all my fellow owners who made contributions, and a special thanks to my best friend from Holland Sander who bought the framed limited edition print of my Scirocco, signed by Sir Ian Botham, for a very generous £50! Top bloke :-)


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