Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Been scammed on ebay by Willbay9000 William Peckore


Hi Folks. Long time no post.Sorry, been quite busy recently but decided that a recent event which took place demanded for me to post a warning to other potential victims of an ebay scammer named (apparently but not verified!) William Peckore.

It all started when my son requested that i buy him some points to use on xbox live. As it happened i was browsing ebay so decided to see what was on offer.

I found a seller called Willbay9000 who was offering 4200 points for £29.99 and would email the code immediately as payment was made.

My son offered to sell his PSP to fund the purchase so i placed the order via Paypal and waited...and waited..and waited!

2 hours later i decided to request the user information via ebay and was given the name William Peckore and a mobile number of 07565393439 to call. I called several times but each time it was an answephone. I then noticed that 2 negative feedbacks had appeared since my purchase suggesting that the seller was a scammer....mmmm...not good!

I then went to my paypal account and made a note of the sellers details that they had on the invoice.

His email was and there was another mobile number labeled as being for customer was a fake unrecognized number! Oh dear!

During the next hour i left a message on the answer phone, emailed via ebay and waited.....nothing.....except that in this time the seller went on-line and changed his user name to hspab3 !! WTF ?

The negative feedbacks began to pile up and by Saturday night they had reached 9! Each victim had lost between £10.50 and £29.99....nice little earner indeed...but it got worse..much worse.

I called Paypal who advised me that because the advert breached ebay rules to do with delivering codes via email, paypal would not directly refund me the money...i would have to go to my bank to seek a refund....oh joy!. But the worst part was that even though i gave paypal (and their parent company ebay) the heads up on the scammer they still allowed his to keep the advert on the site...until it disappeared at the end of Saturday night....and the result? 29 PEOPLE GOT SCAMMED BY THIS MORON!!

Anyway. I did a little research about MR Peckore (or is that your real name?) and this is what i found out.

In 2012 William Peckore registered a domain name BULKROIDS.COM with Go Daddy .
 How do i know it was the same guy? Well he provided this info:

Registered through:, llc (
   Domain Name: BULKROIDS.COM
      Created on: 22-Aug-12
      Expires on: 22-Aug-13
      Last Updated on: 23-Aug-12

   William Peckore
   112 london road
   hailsham, west sussex bn27 3al
   United Kingdom

   Administrative Contact:
      Peckore, William  Email of willia
      112 london road
      hailsham, west sussex bn27 3al
      United Kingdom

   Technical Contact:
      Peckore, William  Email of willia
      112 london road
      hailsham, west sussex bn27 3al
      United Kingdom

Notice the mobile number and the email? 

I checked with Zoopla and the property was sold last in 2002 and not again since then, so i believe Mr Peckore still lives there.

I have used Google street view and now seen 112 London Road (across the road from Leap Cross enterprise park and down the road from the Plumb Centre)

I have a friend who lives a few miles away who is going to verify some details...i will keep you informed :-)

If you have found this post because you have been scammed by this moron, please feel free to comment and we can see if we can "equalize" our situation :-)

Watch out for updates! 


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