Friday, 10 July 2015

0151 231 6785 01512316785 Liverpool. Nuisance Calls.

If, like me, you have had the misfortune to be called by persons (Currently unknown, but I am working on it! this space :-) ), you will know how bloody irritating and annoying being called several times a day and then having them cut you off when you answer is!

The good news is that as we speak, an ex employee who recognised the number has decided to supply me with Names, addresses and WORKING land line numbers for these awful, rude people. So shortly I will be publishing them on EVERY FORUM i can :-)

REVENGE WILL BE SWEET as they receive phone calls, junk mail and other annoying stuff to give them a taste of their own medicine !

CAN'T WAIT Lol :-)

By the way. If you send a standard letter through the post with a VERY heavy load of blank paper in it (Second class stamp only), the person who recieves it will be asked to pay the difference before it is delivered....Just thought i would leave that here.......for you annoyed people to consider :-)

Have a nice day...and watch this space !!

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