Monday, 7 July 2008

Cpl 'Nooky' Nauyokas supports S2M at Waddo.

This Weekend, Rachel and I made the journey up to Waddington to attend the Waddington Airshow. We met up with Andy at the gate at 7am on the Saturday morning so that we could get set up and display Scarlett in front of our 'Scirocco2Morocco HQ gazebo'. We set up plenty of displays and information for people to read, and it certainly seemed to attract a lot of attention! We ran a competition to guess how many balls were in the trailer having filled it up with a combination of plastic balls and Euro 2008 footballs, the first prize was a go in a flight simulator. Although the weather was awful to start with, it soon brightened up into a lovely day which attracted more interest and allowed us to see some fine aircraft displays in the skies above. We also had a classic car stand behind us with some lovely looking motors on display. We eventually got a bit peckish, so Andy made his way over to one of our neighbours during the show - the Spam stand - who gave us some free spam fritters, which prompted plenty of Spam, Spam, Spam chants for the rest of the day!

We stayed on the airfield on the Saturday night, so once the crowds had dispersed we had a perfect opportunity to take some shots of the aircraft on the ground before settling down for some pizza and beer and retiring to our Galert tents for the night.

The Sunday was a bit dull weather-wise, but was soon brightened up by the arrival of Cpl 'Nooky' Nauyokas, One of the drill instructors from 'Bad Lads Army'. He set to work on the passing crowds and soon we were collecting donations from people wanting to have their picture taken. We managed to get a few minutes on Airshow radio when a few of the staff made their way down to our stand to interview Andy and the Cpl. A few mouthy comments from the 'guy on the other end of the mike' saw 'Nooky' making his way up the the Radio station which was situated in the old control tower, for a confrontation on air! This we have on tape (No Radio staff were injured in the making of that film!)

As the day drew to a close we had counted up the donations for the weekend and were pleasantly surprised by the donations we managed to raise. We also made a few contacts from local businesses that might be interested in sponsoring the event as well - Result! The only downside to the whole weekend aside form the weather, was music that was repeated over and over from the nearby fairground ride. Made us want to Freak-out!

If you want to see pictures of the weekends antics, feel free to visit these links:
People shots
Aircraft Shots
Classic car shots

Or see the video here

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