Monday, 30 June 2008

Hopping for joy!

This weekend, we attended the VW Expo in Kent. Andy and his two daughters Rachel and Lauren made the 3 hour trip down from Sleaford to Kent in Scarlett the night before to enable us to fit the car with some shiny new alloys before the show. We enjoyed a nice friendly BBQ and a few beers outside in the sunshine before heading off to bed ready for the Sunday.

What a show it was too! Aside from discovering the wheels didnt fit properly without spacers and shearing a screw holding the brake disc in place, the journey to the event was uneventful! Once there, we set up a fairly decent looking club stand for the Register and put Scarlett in pride of place - right at the front with a nice display along side.

We had quite a bit of interest and raised a bit of money in our collection buckets, as well as aquiring a few goodies from the AA and a possible article in one of the VW magazines. Andy got the horn.... an air horn for the car of course, and to top it all off we won the best club stand trophy too! What a weekend.

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