Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Scarlet failed her MOT :-(

Took Scarlet down to Heron Volkswagen in Newark yesterday for her MOT and sadly (although if i am honest,not surprisingly!) she failed on several area's.

Strangely enough, apart from the front suspension bush which was worn, probably due to our little adventure negotiating hundreds of potholes in the Pyrenees mountains,and needed replacing, the other items that caused a fail were a lot less serious than myself and Glen had expected. A rear number plate bulb had blown, a clip had come adrift on the N/S CV boot gaiter, the aim on the headlights were a little high (probably due to the front end rebuild that AW thankfully did after my little..erm....bump :-). The main area of repair needed to be completed for a pass are the 2 rear flexi hoses on the brakes, and these are going to be hopefully sorted within the next couple of days by those fantastic folk at Pitstop in Sleaford.

Hopefully any repairs that are needed won't be too expensive, as I have just recently had to replace a cooker after the last one exploded !(and you ask why my wife tries to avoids letting me cook!).

I fitted anew set (well slightly younger anyway!) to the car this morning, replaced the rear number plate bulb and 2morro it's off to Pitstop for the rest of the repairs before another visit to Heron's for (hopefully!) an MOT Pass :-)

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