Monday, 24 November 2008

Scarlet to pull Santa's Sleigh .......maybe !

I have been asked recently if i can help out at the Mansfield Woodhouse Christmas parade by using Scarlet (the Scirocco!) to tow Santa Claus (is that supposed to be all one word ?) as it appears that all of his reindeer have bogged off to the south of France for a holiday right up until Christmas eve !. Anyway, I have agreed in principal to this offer although there is a slight issue regarding the fact that the parade is on the 14th December,and Scarlets MOT runs out on the 2nd !......oops !.

This would not normally be an problem, however due to myself and Glen gallivanting off around Europe a few months ago (what was all that about ?), the costs involved with that little jolly boys outing, and the close proximity of Crimbo (I have 3 kids with expensive taste!) i am feeling the effects of the credit if the MOT identifies any expensive work requirements, i may not be able to meet the costs to get her through until the new year...and that of course would be well after the 14th :-(.

I really hope that I can use the old girl to tow Santa, as It would be a fantastic end to a rather amazing and eventful year, and besides, I have all sorts of mad ideas about attaching fake antlers and a flashing red nose to her bonnet just to give her that "organic" look.

So, if anyone either knows a good garage that would be willing to help me out with this little matter, or anyone who can offer their services to rectify any problems that may be found when she goes up on the ramps...please feel free to get in touch.

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