Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Link identified between chlorine and leukaemia


Research scientists have discovered a positive link between chlorine in the atmosphere and childhood leukaemia.

In the study published by the International Journal of Environment and Health, Maria do Carmo Freitas of the Technological and Nuclear Institute, in Portugal, and statistician Maria Martinho of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs at the United Nations Headquarters, in the US, found that higher levels of chlorine-containing chemicals in the air can be linked to greater instances of the cancer.Scientists studied atmospheric pollution levels of 22 chemical elements, including chlorine, arsenic, nickel, lead and mercury from the paper-related industry, forest fires, pesticides manufacturing, heavy chemical industry and fossil fuel power stations in Portugal and overlaid those statistics with incidences of childhood leukaemia in the same regions."The significant association found of course does not imply causality," Ms Freitas explained."More research will be needed to confirm causality and if so the underlying mechanisms."


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