Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sleaford town council vs Tesco act 1

Well well. After a deafening silence for the last 3 years or so the Sleaford town council has at last found a voice and is challenging the proposed building of a Mega Tesco in the town.

They have put the proverbial spanner in the works for the planned development by refusing to sell an area of recreation land which it appears is key to the planned build going ahead......nice :-).

Of course the County Council may still be able to bypass this "hiccup" by way of securing a compulsory purchase order to aquire the required plot....unless of course the people of Sleaford take this opertunity to make a.stand against the "Tescoisation" and ruin of this ancient market town.

Closure of the level crossing and the rerouting of traffic directly to Tesco's store will without doubt sound the death knoll for many Sleaford businesses.

Come on Sleaford lets take heart and  motivation from the town councils brave stance. Grow a pair and let your voice be heard!.

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Mr J brickles said...

Well said Andy ,although i do not want to see a Larger TESCO Store in Sleaford it is all about MONEY,and TESCO has that and it suits NKDC very well because they will be getting a link road and bridge for nothing as long as the main road into Sleaford has to go past TESCO.
i do hope that Sleaford Town Council are ready for a compulsory purchase and a public inquiry so that the people of Sleaford can really have there say because NKDC will certainly not allow that even though NKDC will say that we have. had a chance like the proposed foot bridge that most people dont wants