Tuesday, 22 November 2011

VistaPrint FREE calendar. Postage Cost Information.


Having seen the Vista Print Advert on the telly i decided to have a closer look at the offer. Seems pretty good that you can get an A4 Photo quality colour Wall calendar for "FREE" doesn't it? Well lets just say that what they give you free in the calendar they may well recover in the postage costs when sending it to you!

As per usual in these sorts of offers the "Hidden" postage costs (by hidden I mean that they are not hugely announced in all the calendar blurb!) the info was not easily found, so i have saved you all a lot of bother and have instead sought the details on your behalf.....i am sooo good to you people! :-)

Total product cost of Wall Calendars: £4.99
Shipping and Processing Costs:
Rush£14.953 Business Days (with order tracking)
Priority£8.077 Days
Standard£5.2014 Days
Slow£3.0821 Days
Rush orders will arrive within 3 business days after today. Guaranteed Rush Delivery to US shipping addresses, excluding PO Boxes. Rush Delivery not available for Return Address Labels.
Options selected:
Country:United Kingdom
Paper Stock:Glossy Card Stock
Colour Options:Greyscale Grid

So there you are!. If you want your "FREE" wall calendar to be delivered "Slow" within the UK in 3 WEEKS (via horse and cart I would guess!) you need to pay over £3 postage and if you want it within 3 days it costs you an astonishing £15!....although i would guess that this would be done via helicopter at that price!.

As my Gran used to say "You get nowt for nowt in this world"!.


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