Friday, 4 November 2011

Orange Monte Carlo Android Phone is AWESOME!


I got my new Orange Monte Carlo Phone this week and I have to say that it a brilliant bit of kit!.
My previous phone was the Orange San Francisco, also an Android phone but with a much smaller screen,lower resolution camera and it ran Android 2.2 (i routed it to Swedish Spring Froyo 2.2 from the original Eclair 2.1 system which it is shipped with by Orange).

The new phone specs are not market leading, but having had it now for a few days I am pretty impressed what Orange are able to supply for under £120....namely....

5 Mega Pixal Camera
4.3" LCD touch Screen
800 Mhz Processor
Android 2.3 (gingerbread...sadly loaded with unwanted Orange branded apps!...will sort that later!)
nice solid feeling case. Some reviews contradict this statement but I stand by my observation :-)

If you fancy an all singing Android with a few more bells and whistles then buy an HTC or a Samsung. If you want a bloody nice phone which can do 90% of the functions (minus, flash, sadly!)of it's more expensive brethren  AND want change out of £120 quid then this is the phone for you.

The Orange Monte Carlo then. Buy one now and laugh at all of those mad Apple iphone lemmings who still think they are soooooo cool :-).


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