Friday, 13 January 2012

Called by 02078340997 ? PPI company? Read on....

I was called the other day by an Asian sounding chap who, after telling me who i was (!), then started to bang on about PPI's. Not sure what he was trying to sell/survey/promote, but he was very persistent in asking if we had claimed a PPI mis sell or if we intended too. He also asked if we did decide to claim would it be for a loan or Mortgage?.

After telling him that I was not interested in discussing this with him he rang off, so i did the old 1471 and the number 02078340997 was the number it logged.

Having Googled the number it appears that an awful lot of folks are getting similar calls......but why?

Anyone else had these calls? If so, please leave a comment with your experience after this post and maybe we can shed some light on what these calls are about, or more to the point...what are they up too?

This is one possibilty perhaps:

Bogus PPI refund scamPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 01 January 2012 12:36
Bogus caller scam warning Lothian and Borders
Police are urging the public to remain vigilant
following a new bogus-caller scam operating in
Edinburgh. A 64-year-old man received a call from
a male claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice
Department in London. The caller informed him
he was due a PPI refund, which he could collect
after wiring an administration fee to a lawyer in
India. However, the man became suspicious and
refused to transfer any money. He then contacted
police who are warning others not to fall foul of
this scam. A police spokesman said: “The issue of
PPI refunds is very topical at the moment and
these fraudsters are attempting to capitalise on
this. ”Anyone who receives a similar call should
not provide any personal details or agree to
transfer money and should contact police
immediately.” Anyone with any information can
contact Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 311
3131, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111"

>I have a short recording of my conversation with the chap on the phone, and, once i figure out how, i will post that up on here also<



rahul said...

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Paul B. Glasgow said...

I receive up to four calls a day asking for a Mr Ballog and initially I politely stated they had the wrong number and could they remove me off their system. Calls kept coming and one day I pretended to be the Mr Ballog they keep asking for. The Indian voice said they where from Microsoft. I was wise enough to know they wheren,t.
The call again today I lost my rag and simply shouted abuse and hung up...only to be rung back and funnily the abuse hurled back at me in and Indian voice.
If your with talk talk don't even bother asking them for help!!
I'll just have to keep answering it and telling them to Go forth

Anonymous said...

I've received numerous calls from this number. The last one just 5 minutes ago, giving my son's name and asking to speak to him. When I politely stated that he was unavailable, I started to ask who was calling. Before I'd even finished my sentence, the caller had hung up on me. After Googling this number, it appears that a great many people are having similar calls. When you 1471 and then ring the number back, an automated voice informs that the number is not recognised. The odd thing in my case is that my son has not lived with us for 12 years ??? Where are they getting their information ?? Dave in Leeds.

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