Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hi Honey...I'm Home ........but not a very happy camper.

Well......I am back :-)

No doubt many of my regular readers will be wondering what on earth happened to this blog shortly after my court case regarding the RTA in April 2014. The truth is, after the catastrophic outcome of my claim , which was rejected due to a very good Barrister on the defences side, and ...well lets say, not such a good one on mine!!

I don't want to go into detail on here, but suffice to say the fact that the shock outcome has cost me dearly. Not only have i lost over £6500 in damages, had to endure almost 2 years of stress and financial hardship, but i lost the most wonderful car I think I will ever own....Scarlett the Scirocco :-(

The Ultimate indignity arrived recently. A bill from my "No win,No Fee" legal team...for almost £2800 !!

For what I ask?

Anyway. I won't be talking about this right now except to say that i am taking legal advice from the Legal Ombudsman and a firm of solicitors i have contacted who are very interested in carrying out a review of the entire case ....lets see what they make of the numerous points that I feel need clarification !

The bottom line?

I have a badly damaged Mk2 called Scarlett still sat on my drive and another road worthy Scirocco of the same year,colour and age awaiting transformation to become Scarlett's heir and successor .

I am bruised, battered and angry...but hey, In August I have been living with cancer for 10 years, so life NEEDS to go on and I need to get myself back on track.....I will let the legal experts do their job and hopefully get a few answers as to how this sorry state of affairs came to be .....

Scirocco 2 Morocco.......much more than just a Car !!

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