Thursday, 7 July 2016

1/18 scale Scarlett and half Rocco trailer model (98261358022322056074)

In May this year I celebrated my 50th birthday.

After a crushing result in court in February relating to the loss of my amazing Scirocco "Scarlett" in an accident in 2014 I was feeling pretty low having lost the vehicle, the compensation and now suffering from chronic Tinnitus, things were not so rosy for celebrating my 5 decades of life.......but the amazing hard work, skill and dedication of one amazing chap named Glen Place provided me with an epic ,mind-blowing gift that can only really be appreciated by seeing it in the flesh ( or cast perhaps?).

No words now, just pictures to document the amazing thing that Glen has done for me in completing this incredible project

Scarlett and trailer in 1/18 scale....

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