Tuesday, 5 July 2016

No win, No Fee.....A cautionary tale..

As many of my regular readers will already know,In April 2014 my amazing 1987 Mk2 Scirocco "Scarlett"was rear ended by a 44 ton HGV whilst I was making a right hand turn into a layby.
Most people I spoke too about this accident told me that it was obviously the lorry drivers fault and that any future court case would follow that line of reasoning....but the law, as I have found out to my cost, is not so clear cut, or a fair as the layman would like believe.

I had, up until my court date in 2016, had no experience of what to expect, and so, in the interest of assisting and informing anyone else considering following the same course, have decided to share my own experience and make them aware of many aspects of choosing a "No win, No fee" route that they are probably not aware of.

Over the next few posts I will tell the story of my experience of such an occurrence...and the astonishing and expensive result of my seeking justice .

A tale of misplaced faith, miss understood choices and miss guided trust in a legal process which , when it goes terribly wrong, does not give the client a voice, allows people to lie and get away with it.....and lands the "victim" with huge costs which they may, like i was, be unaware they could face.

Due to legal minefields I will change the names of the parties involved, but will tell you a tale which may make you wonder if the safety net we call the process of taking a claim to court is actually as just and fair a decision as we may all like to believe it is......

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