Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Dreams are like Angels...............

I try to keep things up beat in this blog, but you know some days things just can't help but get you down :-(
In the last week or so i have been feverishly typing away sending emails to a multitude of companies asking for help in our challenge....and the result has been nothing short of amazing...ly depressing !.It seems that all UK companies are involved in their own charity/trust operations, or are partners in something or other.Even the ones who don't mention anything about chairty involvement in their "official" websites reply with the same stock "No" to a request for even the slightest help, and to be honest i am getting a little fed up of the amount of times our requestes for help are being declined.

I must just point out that we are still scratching around for any help at the mo, be it in either cash sponsorship,prizes or items on our "wish list" that we need to complete our challenge so anyone who is able to help us out PLEASE do get in touch and make yourself know....:-)

I have been tempted to see what would happen if we approached the same companies again, but this time with the story that we had a celebrity coming along with us for the ride....i wonder if i would get a stock email reply...especially if it was an "A" lister of some description.

It's not until you get involved in events such as this that you find out just how much work goes on in the background before the actual event takes place, and there have been days when I do question my reasons for getting myself and Glen into this malarky !.The answer is of course that both of us feel compelled to help others, and to that end we must always persist in our endevours to keep this event alive..no matter how many "No's" we come up against (and there have been a lot......a LOT !).For my own part being involved in this sort of charity work is a kind of therapy, and keeps my mind focused on things that are constructive and positive.There are days when I do consider my future, when the worry about my own Leukaemia do start to enter my thoughts and trouble me, but having something like S2M to keep you engaged makes sure that the times like this are fewer, that those early moring wake ups when the house is quite and the fear is most acute are not so common as they may be.Scirocco 2 morocco is now a dream, but a dream that will with a bit of luck and a little help become a reality in the not so distant future, and as the lyrics to that old Frankie Goes to Hollywood song go "Dreams are like angels,they keep bad at bay". Ok....better get back to work now....life goes on !

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