Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A fishy tale !

Just a quick note relating to an idea that has been considered as relevant to our little foray to Africa,namely the possibility that we can arrive there perhaps bearing gifts that could help the people of Morocco !.If anyone reading this blog has an idea as to the contact details of a worthy cause that perhaps operates in Morocco (or maybe beyond, but is based in North Africa)then we want to hear from you.We will have a reasonable amount of room in the trailer and as such we should be in a good position to deliver a reasonable amount of stuff to worthy causes.Please use the Email Address mentioned in this blog to contact us.Cheers ! :-)

Oh,nearly forgot my scheduled rant for the week.............food, but more specifically prepacked Scottish Mackerel fillets !.Just to prove what a crazy mixed up world we live in these days let me give you an example of how to much information can be worse than none at all.
My 5 year old wanted some Mackerel this evening, so i sourced some from the fridge and then had a read of the instructions.The pack told me several things.The calorific values,the amount of Sugar,salt and fat.How much Omega 3 it contained.The fact it was a produce of Scotland and that although the packaging was not recyclable at the mo...."We are working on it" was the message.It contained 98% fish and 2% salt,weighed 200 g and had a very comprehensive cooking guide which asked to me ensure that the food was "hot throughout before serving".It was produced in the UK (in case i was not sure were Scotland was ?) and the pack advised me to use it within 2 days after i first opened it.Sounds like all good advice then yes ?......Err NO.Because it then went on to advise me that "Allergy advice: Contains fish".......Really ?...what Mackerel...No !.But by far the worst issue about this "rant for the day" became obvious when my 5 year old began to choke on a fish bone.....now why (after telling us that Fish contained...erm...fish !) would they not advise the consumer that these fillets (Definition= fillet, also filet (pronounced or ), is a boneless cut of meat or fish.) may contain some (bones) still ?.........Is it me, or are the people who write these instructions/guides not seeing the wood for tree's, or perhaps not seeing the bones for fish ?.Take care :-)

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