Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Time to start the media (Volks)wagen rolling !

Random picture...but it made me laugh :-)

Today during my teabreak I was in the vacinity of the Mansfield 103.2 radio studio, so took the oppertunity to pop in and introduce myself.After a brief chat i was wisked upstairs (oh err !) and ten minutes later i emerged from the recording booth having "laid down" a short resume of our little expedition onto the studio's interview suite.Hopefully in the next few days our message will start to hit the airwaves and the guys at Mansfield 103.2 have promised to keep the folk of Mansfield,Ashfield and Bolsover up to date with our fun and games by producing/broadcasting updates on a regular basis...nice :-).
Also today I emailed Sean Dunderdale of Lincs FM 102.2 to ask if he will support our event via their radio satation, he has agreed to do so and also, as the station is the official radio of the Waddington Airshow, he has promised to keep mentioning us to the airshow crowds when we attend Waddington in July.

I am still considering how to best utilise the several fantastic prizes that we have been given to raise funds (F1,Flight Sim,Karting etc) and have had an idea about hosting some sort of Quiz on this Blog page.The basic idea is that over a few weeks we will ask questions,perhaps give some clues to the answers, then all the people that email me with the correct answers will go into a prize draw for the goodies.Also an idea has been put forward to use the Scirocco trailer as a huge collection tin whilst we are at Waddington/VW meetings, and we shall encourage (Force !) innocent bystanders to throw any loose change into it some kind of strange "wishing trailer" type device (well we don't have an ...erm......."well" do we !)as they say "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" !

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