Thursday, 26 June 2008

Atten...shun !.Cpl Nauyokas joins S2M !

Alright you 'orrible lot stand at ease !.

Now then, anyone who has not been residing on the planet Mars for the last few years MUST have heard of the smash hit TV series "Lads Army"in which a bunch of "Bad lads" are put through 1950's style National Service training, and one of the luvvly fella's that they meet during their several week stay in the Army equivalent of Butlins, is Cpl "Nooky" Nauyokas, your friendly Drill Instructor who makes Foghorn Leghorn seem tame when it comes to screeching out orders to the hapless recruits !

Nooky will be joining our stand on Sunday to "encourage"(!), people to dig deep and donate some wonga to our charities so if you fancy getting an autograph or having your picture taken with him make sure you are there...of course a small donation to one of our charities would be a nice gesture...or you can hit the deck and give him 10...and that's if you get off lightly :-).

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