Sunday, 22 June 2008

GTI International 2008.....Good old British Summertime !

After receiving our complimentary VIP tickets on Friday I was really looking forward to our drive down to Bruntingthorpe (Home of the last Flying Vulcan), and so at 05.35on Saturday morning I was up bright (?) and early ready for the short hop from Lincolnshire to Leicestershire and the promise of a luvvly day sunning in the ...err..sun ! Of course we are now bang in the middle of the British summertime, so the daydream of the sunny day and lashings of Ginger beer and cucumber sandwiches soon evaporated when I ventured outside and was met by a depressing damp day (DDD !).Damn :-(. Anyway, after loading up the last few items into the car/trailer (drinks,food,camera...daughter !), we set f at approx 07.40 and let my friend Yoda (AKA TomTom Satav) point us in the right direction. At around 08.34 we received the news from Yoda "At your destination you have arrived"...great !...except for the fact that the dizzy sod had directed us into the far end of the aerodrome, and so we found ourselves in some sort of industrial park !. After back tracking to the main road again we aimlessly drove around the small winding roads until we spotted a long procession of Golf GTI's and the likes, and decided to hedge our bets that they would be making their way to our intended luck had it we were correct in our assumption. It rained for most of the day, but we had the occasional spot of sun and overcast Sky's to allow us to have a few bimbles around the show, and even though the weather was far from perfect, we had a great time. Congratulations to all those that have been organising this event for the last 21 years (the same age as our car !), and special thanks to Neil Birkett,editor of Volkswagen Driver who came to our aid first with the tickets for the event, and again when we got lost on site and almost ended up on the 1/4 mile strip...mmmm, would have been nice to see what the old girl could do though :-). A few short video's of the day:

More to follow...when i have time ! :-)

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