Monday, 3 November 2008

Good short measures !

Reading the SUN today my attention was taken by a small atrticle (if you could call it that!), that read as follows:

"LEUKAEMIA sufferers were given fresh hope yesterday with a major DNA breakthrough.

The cancer is caused by abnormal production of white blood cells and current treatment relies on killing them.

Now New York scientists have discovered a drug that reprogrammes the cells back into healthy ones.

Study leader Michael Cosgrove said: “Our discovery will bring new ways to treat leukaemia.”

Isn't it strange how this very encouraging an possibly important news was given such low exposure, and yet subjects such as Peter and Katie/Jordan Andre/Price having a snog, the American election and Motor mouth Russell Brand (yawn), got so much more space!.

Anyway, here is the link to the web page that has the full story not just a "stocking filler" such as the way that the SUN decided to report it !

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