Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Ooops!....A few people that I forgot to mention

My most sincere apologies to the people that I am about to mention in the list below.
These are the kind folk from far and wide who have helped us so much with our fundraising.I guess that you would call them "the back room boys" (and girls!).Lots of money was raised via Ebay and Freecycle, and it is through such means that over £460 pounds of additional money was secured.So, please give yourself a pat on the back for an excellent job !.Well done :-)

Nigel & Jill (Holbeach) - special thanks
Gareth and Melee (Branston) - special thanks
Sally (Lincoln)
Andrea (St Catherines)
Jane (Canwick) - via Ebay
Tracy (Digby)
Laura (Billinghay)
Jules (Thorpe-on-the-hill)
Kelly (Newark) - via Ebay
Carol (Coningsby)
Fraser (Sleaford) - at car boot
Ann (Mablethorpe)
Matrix (Lincoln) - Ebay sales
Ian (Cranwell) - via Ebay
Caz (Sleaford)
Jayne (Hartsholme)
Susan (Lincoln)
Alix (Metheringham)

My apologies if I have forgotten anyone but you will all know how appreciative I was for your generosity. It's the kind and generous folk like these that restore your faith in human nature.Sorry that I took so long to get around to giving you all the credit that you deserve, and thanks to Kaz for reminding me :-)

Extra special thanks must also go to Kaz and Pete in Cranwell, without whom our job would have been so much more difficult, especially when we went to RAF Waddington and Kaz met me at 6am to supply a white board and a selection of scribbling sticks to use with it !...Ta !

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