Sunday, 15 February 2009

A bunch of greedy Bankers !. Sorry....moan time again :-)

So it's been a keen subject in the news recently and it has it appears, still not finished it's run in the headlines......the banks, or more specifically, the greedy people who run them :-(.
A few questions that others apart from myself must have much money can the government possibly dish out to these organisations at the tax payers expense ? I mean surely there must be an upper limit as to just how many billions are in the coffers !.
Worst thing for me is that as i stare in disbelief as more stories about banks writing off yet more "bad loans" , the beggars are then announcing yet more bonus's for their staff !.
The analogy that I would give is this. Your mate tells you that he owes the building society £1000 quid, and if he can't get the cash asap, his family will be thrown out and be on the streets.
Imagine then if (hypothetically of course!) you dug deep and loaned him the cash...then the next day met him in the travel agents booking a luxury holiday !.OK, so it may be a little simplistic in it's comparison, but you get the general idea, and I can say with some confidence that if this was your experience, you would not be too pleased with "Mr down and out".
Banks are oh quick to tell us when we overspend our income, yet they then go and do the same thing, but boy, do they do it BIG style !.

As a parting thought, consider this. The hospital in which I work is currently undergoing a 6 year, £320 million pound renovation.At the end of the day it will provide state of the art facilities to a population of about 100,000 people, and will last for decades.
recently it was announced that one of the big banks are going to pay out bonus's of 1 BILLION POUNDS to staff........that could build 3 hospitals and provide jobs, facilities and first class health care to hundreds of thousands of people....instead a few thousand bank staff are going to get between £2500 and £25000 pounds each....and this is a bank that is having to beg handouts from Joe !

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