Saturday, 7 February 2009

What a strange world we live in !

Actors who get payed vastly more than real doctors simply for "pretending" to be one !

A movie industry that spends hundreds of millions of pounds making films about some tough nut or other pretending to save the world,when the money they squander on production costs could feed millions of starving people for years !

Politicians telling us all to stop wasting resources,go green and help the environment.....then they jump into a 4 litre Range Rover, get driven over to the airport, step onto a gas guzzling jet and "pop" over to the States or somewhere to attend a "Climate conference" !

I have often said that if aliens ever did bother to visit us, they would probably have a bloody good laugh at how futile our civilization really is!...then either go straight back home, or possibly give us a good thrashing at "Real space invaders" before trying to put some sense back into our rather mixed up lives !. Don't worry though, i am sure that if Bruce Willis or Arnie were free that day, they would sort them out for us..."Has ta la vista baby" :-)

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