Sunday, 1 February 2009

Russian Snow on it's way....apparently !

The news is full of stories that the UK is going to be getting something for nothing from Russia sometime today, no, not gas ! (shame), but snow !. According to the reports we are to receive between 5 and 10cm (what's that in old money ?) of the soft white stuff this afternoon. Call me a pessimist, but after being promised snow on several occasions, digging out the family sledge from the back of the garage then being hugely disappointed when none arrived, I have decided to play a game of reverse psychology and so i am not going to not delve into the depths of my garage, but to play it cool and convince myself that nothing is going to happen !, and by doing this of course the snow will fall by the ton. Hang on though, if i write this blog then i am admitting to be expecting snow, so still none will i have got a headache :-).....let's just wait and see (what did i d with the garage keys ?)

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