Monday, 24 August 2009

Fuel Fugitives manage 126MPG in Peugeot 308 HDI...or did they ?

There has been a lot of hype in the motoring press about the claimed world record breaking drive by 2 people in a Peugeot 308 HDI 110 who set a new record by driving 3700 miles in 175 hours (5 days) and achieved an MPG figure of 126......or so they claim!

Problem is that if you wade through all of the bumf (DETAILS) that have been posted on the net, there are apparently no real details as to what the average speed was,what route they took, what times of day they drove etc, all very important variables that can have an effect on just how economical your motor is. It is also quite absurd that they should suggest that the average motorist is capable of such mind boggling feats of economy, mostly because they don't have the back up and support of a company like Peugeot to assist in their daily commute, and I doubt very much if the "standard" car that they drove was anythin but that (minus spare wheels,tool set,no luggage etc, all carried in a support car (the black one in the picture) i guess which may also have been used as a "wind Jammer",travelling in front to "punch" a hole through the air for the record breaking car to travel see it done in F1 quite often it's called "slipstreaming"!).

Anyway, it all seems to be nothing more than a sales gimmic as usual, and sadly yet again just a smoke screen to distract you from the fact that in these times of rapidly decreasing fuel reserves, major manufacturers are still not grasping the nettle in the search for viable alternative fuels....choosing instead to spend a ton of money on a gimmicky,suspect, pointless adventure....and they did not even raise any money for a charity on the way.....tut,tut :-)

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