Monday, 31 August 2009

Been to Wicksteed Park 2day....excellent day out!

Today saw the Ward family setting off on a much anticipated trip down to Kettering en route for the well known venue of Wicksteed Park.

In case you have never heard of this place (and some still haven't!), let me tell you that if like me the thought of going to places like Drayton manor or Alton Towers fills you (and your wallet!) with dread, this is the alternative venue for a fun filled day out with your family.

Set in what is actually a public park (but a VERY big one!), Wicksteed has a long history dating back many years (at this point i was going to feed you lots of facts etc, but i really don't have the time or inclination to do so at the there!).

You drive (or walk in for free) into the park grounds and pay £6 to the nice fella on the entrance.You then pick a parking space (there is loads of room!) and park up. The kids can play on the fantastic FREE park rides (they really are may of heard of the brand of Wicksteed if ever you have looked at the manufacturers name on any park rides anywhere in any park in the UK over the last several decades!), and mum and dad can chill out watching them wear themselves out!.

If you so wish too, you have the option of buying either tickets or a wristband (band is better cos you can go on anything as many times as you like!), then you have access to the many powered rides in the park area (Pirate ship's..x2,carousel,laser quest,go karts,various log flumes,boating lakes etc,etc).

The beauty of the way Wicksteed is laid out, is that you can still enjoy a look around the gardens,see the animals and have a nice refreshing walk around the park without having to cough up hundreds of quid's to do it (Alton Towers in mind at this juncture!).

The whole day out for 5 of us, including 4 wristbands and car parking was £61.Ok, that may seem a lot, but compare it to Drayton Manor (£120+,family of 5) or Alton Towers (£140+ family of 5) and you see that it is a damn sight more acceptable for families on budgets!.

Funny, but the less i pay for a good day out...the more i seem to enjoy it...and this one was fantastic.Get yourself over to Wicksteed and discover the secret pace that gives you not only a good time, but also is such a refreshing change from the "A list" places who think that we are all still made of money (we aren't!).

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