Thursday, 6 August 2009

Had a nice chat to the chap from the BBC the other day......eventually !

A gentleman named Guy works for the BBC "Look North" program and is based up in sunny Hull. We managed to get to talk to each other after a comedy attempt to establish some sort of communications proved to be a problem!.
At work in the hospital we have these gadgets called "Vocera" which are (apparently!) supposed to be the dogs do-da's of personal,local communication.Sadly, unlike that varnish that "does exactly as it says on the tin"....Vocera often does not, and the extended attempt to speak to Guy was therefore rather an involved process.
switching to my backup communicator (my mobile) was little better, and we spent the next few mins speaking,leaving answerphone messages,listening to answerphone messages...etc, until eventually (eureeka!), we managed to get to speak with some semblance of continuity.Sadly, in the lottery of who got to pay for the call,i lost, and so,with very little credit on my phone, the conversation was only a few Min's long before the inevitable "beep,beep" warning me of impending cut off (ooeeerr!).
Anyway, if you are reading this post Guy, can I just say thanks for the chat, and if you are able in any way to promote any future events that I get myself caught up in (usually of my own doing!), you will be doing us a great service in raising either money or awareness (or both!) for Leukaemia issues.

In other news (I love saying that!)

Ann,Joel's mum, called me today to say that she had received a letter from the National Blood Service telling her that from this year the 23rd July (the anniversary of the first Anthony Nolan bash at Newark Hospital) will become an annual date for all NHS hospitals to organise Bone Marrow Donor Recruitment Sessions.This of course is absolutely fantastic news, and I am sure that Little Joel must be well proud of his mums courage,commitment and dedication in getting this established.Well done Ann :-).

Some more good news today was that I was made aware of one small bonus of suffering from can now get FREE prescriptions from the NHS!. Who says that it's not true that all grey clouds have a silver lining ? :-)


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