Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Speed Camera Information. Check if you have been caught!


You know how it is. You drop your guard for a second, get distracted by squabbling children in the back or simply give it a little too much on the "Pound Pedal" (used to be loud pedal but due to the cost of fuel these days it has now been changed!). Suddenly you sense a flash and all too late you see the speed camera in your rear view mirror :-(.

Question is, was it a "live" camera or was it one of the many broken ones that now stand idle alongside many of Britain's roads?

Here then is the answer to your question. A site that will advise you immediately if you have been "snapped", or if you are one of the lucky ones that got away!.

Click on this link then fill in your registration details to find out if you are on the data base.



GPS Angel said...

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Anonymous said...

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