Thursday, 17 February 2011

Moy Park syndicate win £3 Million Lottery Jackpot.


I read in the local paper the other day that a syndicate from the Moy Park Poultry Factory in Anwick (pronounced Anick!) had won £3 million quid on the national lottery.

In a slightly sad twist to the tale it appears that several of the members had only recently pulled out from the group, shortly before their big win. It is also reported that one of the remaining members then "bought up" their stakes in the syndicate, meaning that they will get the lions share of the cash...nice.

Now, as I have never won more than 10 quid on the lottery since the first draw way back when (many years ago!) I can't imagine what it must be like to win such a huge sum of cash, but If (by any miracle) one of the members of the syndicate reads this post can I just suggest one thing.

Give the people who left the group something. Please!

Why? Well Just for one moment think how you would feel if the shoe where on the other foot. I would guess you would be pretty gutted. Now, think of how you would feel in that situation, if one of the winners (or perhaps a small donation by all?) where to bung you a few grand to cheer you up!. Get the idea?

Giving is ALWAYS better than receiving, and the respect you would get for such a generous act would be worth more that al the money in the world :-)

Oh, and if you have a few quid left over I know a bloke in Sleaford with a Scirocco that needs some overdue repairs and is a bit brassed at the mo!...just a thought :-)


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