Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lee needs a Bone Marrow Donor NOW. Can you help him?


A Facebook friend of mine has found himself in a very bad situation at the present moment. After being given the all clear from his AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia), he has just been told that the disease has come back again.

Lee Frost NEEDS a bone marrow donor NOW!. If you feel that you can help Lee, and if you are aged between 18-40 contact the Anthony Nolan Trust for testing. If you are over 40 (up to 49) contact the National Blood Service (Blood donors) .

Ask either of these services if they have any donor sessions planned in your area....if they don't....see if they can arrange one...ASAP!

Lee is based in Kettering Northamptonshire. Please, if you can do something to assist Lee in finding a donor please do it......time is of the essence folks!.

Lee is on Facebook ( Lee Van Halen Frost) if you would like to speak to him yourself, i am sure that he would be very pleased to hear from anyone who would like to help him :-)

Thanks in advance.


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