Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Strength and Honour. By Lee "Survivor" Frost......

Strength & Honour

For if you can run, with only the strength walk,

And smile when others would make you sad,

If you can stand with only the strength to lay,

And laugh when your humour has gone away,

If you can fight when all is lost,

When your dreams are broken at a pitance cost,

If you can fly with broken wings,

And listen closely as your pain sings,

If you can climb, when others crawl,

And become a giant, where others are small,

If you can scream without a sound,

And feel and listen to your heart pound,

If you can fall and yet, still rise,

And still look up into the skies,

If you can see, although blind,

And still keep Hope in your mind,

If you can venture where no others dare,

Yet feel the burden of Deaths stare,

If you can feel when the feelings gone,

And sing out loud your greatest song,

If all is dark and you become light,

And fight your enemy with your strongest fight,

If you can stand when others run,

And lift the feather that weighs a ton,

If you can listen when others shout,

Yet you go in when all go out,

If you can live where others die,

And smile and laugh when others cry,

Then shout it from the highest steeple,

Shouting it to all the people,

"Strength & Honour"

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Tony.c said...

love the car and the write up bud