Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Tesco store in Sleaford Lincolnshire.Things you should know....


A few things that you should know about the new store that is planned....sorry, going to be built for(?) Sleaford.

The existing store will not be left in a state for other supermarkets to use to provide competition to the New Tesco store, it will be turned into several small retail units.

The current petrol station will not be kept open to be able to compete with the new one at the new store, it will be closed due to an as of yet unspecified reason.

Tesco have given over £160'000 to aid a new "transport plan" doubt involving dropping off points at it's new store!.

Most worryingly the proposed footbridge planned to cross the rail crossing at the Southgate/Grantham Road junction was not even discussed with Sleaford's residents, it was simply decided to build one and then 4 designs where offered to Sleafordians for their approval!. Democracy in motion....almost!

Not wanting to sound like I think that Tesco have far to much influence in our "Market Town", but I have heard that even the welcome sign at it's boundary is to be changed to..........
"Sleaford, twinned with Tesco"

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barney turnel said...

Tesco are taking over the world. Enough already!

Tescos' stores seem to be getting bigger and there seems to be more of them...when will it stop?

Anonymous said...

Sorry dont go with this big bad Tesco deal. Tesco started with a bloke pushing a cart round the East end of London. This is what happens when your successful, you get bigger. Besides the small traders in Sleaford dont go out of business because of Tesco they go out of business because we, the consumer, dont use them. Market forces apply. I would like to add I dont use Tesco very much because its more convenient for me to goto Aldi as I live on Mareham Lane. When Tesco moves I dont expect that to change.As far as the level crossing is concerned I am directly affected by its closure but for crying out loud we need to do something. Ive lived in Sleaford on and off for 30 years and it was going downhill in the days of William Lowe (remember them!)well before Tesco arrived. Im open to anything that may breathe some life into this wheezing wreck of a so called market town. Try going to Retford a similar sized town to Sleaford with a thriving market and small businesses despite having a Morrisons and Asda.I dont know if this is the answer but we cant continue on the present path. The towns dying!!

Andy said...

The main cconcern for me is that in my experience, tesco certainly do not live up to their catch phrase " every little helps". How many times have I visited the store and found price hikes on my regular shopping which appear to be hidden by price reductions on non staple items suchas booze. Example recently was on Tuna." Buy one pack of four and get one free".....£6.99 a pack!. Same 4 pack elsewhere was £3!....toilet roles up from £1.99 to £2.40. Same week saw booze on special offer......what a con!

wall art pictures said...

Yet another shop opening up around the corner from me and yet another small local shop goes bust! Gotta laugh.