Monday, 4 July 2011

Air Ambulance Service Clothing Collection Scam


If you get a flyer through your door from the Air Ambulance Service DO NOT PUT OUT ANYTHING!. It is a scam that gives the impression that the collection is for an Air Ambulance Charity......IT IS NOT!

If you have received one of these flyers please get in touch and let me know. Better still if you manage to get pictures of the people who are involved with this scam or the vehicle that they use, let me have a copy and I will post it on this blog for all to see.

Better still...fill your bin bags with all the crap you have overflowing from your wheelie bin, wrap it in some old rags (in case they have a quick look inside!) then leave it and enjoy watching them snatch it away in the belief that it holds a few quids worth of decent clothing...NOT :-).

I hate scumbags that pertain to be working for the good of many when in fact they are simply lining there own greedy pockets.

The website does not exist.

The mobile number 07577940492 comes back as number not available.

Please tell others about this sick scam and don't let these people convert your clothing into beer money!.

To read the story on the BBC website click HERE or to read another story about the same SCAM in Macclesfield click HERE



Rizzo said...

I received 1 of these flyers through our door today, so me being a suspicious person, I checked them out on the web. These people are scamming us all and lining their own greedy pockets. We get numerous flyers through our door asking for the same. I do not give these thieving T#@t's anything and neither should you. If you have clothes, etc that you do not need or require anymore, please give them to your local charity shop. that way, you know they will go to the right people who really do need our charity..

Suruchi Mehta said...

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