Tuesday, 4 October 2011

DARE by the Human League. My memories of the album.


I remember walking down Eather Avenue in Mansfield Woodhouse in December of 1981 with my new "DARE" LP clutched under my arm.
I was making my way to my friend John Gardners  house and the plan was to get everything ready for the Christmas party that he was throwing that night.
I was 15 1/2 years old and a student at Manor Comprehensive school in Mansfield Woodhouse. I lived on Slant lane and this record, this LP this revelation was to become my musical companion on and off for the next 30 years!.

DARE. Apparently the title was taken from a cover of a Vogue magazine. The pictures of each member of the group annexed in small boxes on the outside and inside the crisp white cover also echo that style of the fashion magazine genre.

DARE. It seems strange to say it, but I never acknowledged the fact that the Leagues biggest single "Don't you want me" was one of the tracks on the LP....strange, because it was in fact their best selling single ever, yet it was viewed by Phil Oakey as being a "Weak" track and thus it sat at number 10 on the track list. Of course this single, which I forgot was on this album!, went on to top the UK charts and amazingly it allowed the group to claim the accolade of having both a number one Album and a number one single in the charts simultaneously!.

Yes, i love this album with it's wonderful stirring synth sounds and its haunting and though provoking lyrics. I have seen the League twice now, once at Rock City in Nottingham and again at the Newark Water festival......and they are still the best group EVER :-)

"I believe i believe what the old man said though i know that there's no lord above, i believe in me and i believe in you and you know i believe in love, i believe in truth though i lie a lot and i feel the pain from the push and shove no matter what you put me through i'll still believe in love"

Note* Old man = Lou Reed!

. Wow...what a ramble that was ! :-)


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